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Meaning. It is a scientist, a learned person (usually in humanities) (especially philologist), or someone who became skillful and gained knowledge and mastery in one self-control (or more). Another which means is that ‘Scholar’ is a college student, who learns from educator (especially a kid who is studying) or a fans of some learned person, who takes up his belief or expertise. The third that means is that ‘Scholar’ is a pupil in educational institution whom holds a scholarship.

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Actually, for me ‘Scholar’ is a pupil, who understands something coming from his teacher. Some people consider that a college student is a person, whom you must control, however it is incorrect. A scholar is an independent person, that can organize his time and understand what is more vital that you him.

This individual understands that his future is essential and makes everything to be more educated and to get more info. To be a college student is to recognize that everything you perform now can help you in your future “grown-up” existence. Today’s scholar has very good possibility to get an educated parent, an intelligent person with articles of moral classes in his heart. Conditions today are not “easy”, but if a young man may have those attributes from the beginning, he will manage to be successful in his future life. Actually, a scholar can be not only a youthful student; I do think it is rather current condition of soul, than condition and status old.

This is a person who learns all the time and doesn’t matter this individual learns via teacher at school or university, or through the life alone. Scholar is actually a person, who is opened to knowledge, who wants to understand techniques of lifestyle and who, like a cloth or sponge, absorbs almost all necessary info he can receive. It is a person who never stops, he is just like a eternal engine – he learns by his early childhood until last times of his life.

It’s a type of creative work together with elements of mutual-studying especially in form of mutual researches, investigations, discussion posts, exchange of experience. It truly is great mental work, exactly where each person can show his person peculiarities.

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