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Hes a lanky many other, dark-haired and self-effacing. He uses sarcastic humor to cover his insecurity (no kinds told him it doesnt work). Even when hes staying chased with a 100 ft serpent, this individual still manages to find the joy in the situation. Hes been in a complicated love triangular and lives to tell about this. A friend, enthusiast and slayeretteHes Xander Harris.

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Good afternoon/morning Ms. Rosteing and many other students. From this article you can see, my presentation is about Xander Harris. If you don’t watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which you should since its the best show in the news, youre probably thinking, who also the hell is Xander Harris?. Well for 3-4 minutes sit back, rest and prepare for a goofy good period (as Xander would say). His complete name is Alexander LaVelle Harris. Hes 17 and lives in Sunnydale having its renown Hellmouth. Mishap following mishap, Xander is always presently there with a amusing remark or perhaps funny tall tale. Xander is not specifically popular with the people or the girls. Hes the students clown and has considerably more important things to accomplish than study homework namely study women. He hangs out with Buffy High seasons (this ages slayer), Willow Rosenburg and Oz, in any other case known as the Scooby Gang. Hes been good friends with Willow as long as they can remember. Ahead of Buffy arrived, it was merely him, Willow and Jesse, his best friend. When Buffy showed up in Sunnydale, Jesse was changed into a goule and he fell intended for everyones beloved slayer. Buffy joined their very own group, and with her, they started out hanging out in the library with Giles, Buffys watcher. When it comes to relationships, that’s where it gets a little difficult. At the beginning of the show, Xander fell immediately in love with Buffy. But at the time, Xander and Willow were best friends, and Willow a new sizable smash on the X-man. So there was clearly this like triangle package going, plus the fact that Buffy had zero interest in Xander made it one particular big unreturned love angst-fest. Cordelia was one of the popular ladies, and cured Buffy, Willow, and Xander like very little bugs that you might want to lead capture pages as soon as you see them. Obviously, there was several serious bitterness between Cordelia and the others, but through bad luck and circumstance, she discovered Buffys secret. This became a major source of aggravation for everybody, especially when Cordy was trapped in a basement with Xander, and the intense detest for each additional created some type of turned bond, resulting in a steamy hug and a topsy-turvy romance. The Cordelia/Xander dynamic really hurt Willow, who thought to Xander, Youd rather be around someone you hate than be with me personally. Luckily for Willow, the lady and Ounces started going out, so her heart have been mended quite handily. That doesnt show that there arent some left over feelings between Xander and Willow, even though Then only last period, Xander finally discovers his attraction intended for Willow and they kiss. Immediately, they realize their blunder, and discover they own gotten themselves into a big mess that will end in discomfort for a lot of other people. Literary. Cordelia and Ounces stumble upon these people and Cordy gets impaled. It goes without saying the couple split up on bad terms. Xander stumbles about, trying to find himself again and ends up having sex with everybodys favorite skanky slayer, Trust. This one night time fling eventually ends up making Willow cry. Together with the arrival in the new watcher, Wesley, Xander becomes jealous of Cordelias attention to him, which demonstrates he still cares about her in his Xander-like way.

Xander, Xander, Xander. What can you state about him? He has a sense of humor that can allow you to laugh your brains away, hes quite capable to be a perfect man, he will save you the day 70% of the time, and hes the very best friend a person could have. In other words, hes the best persona on Buffy, in my opinion, and is also portrayed simply by an awesome actor. With his nutty and amusing lines like I giggle in the face of danger. Then I cover until it goes away or Their funny how a earth under no circumstances opens up and swallows you when you want that to, whom CANT love this lovely character?!

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