Admission to US Universities with Common Application

Before you decide which of the universities you would like to enter, you need to make sure which application system the institution uses. Today, the majority of universities in the United States use the so-called Common Application.

The system proved to be very good and helps students to simultaneously send apps to an unlimited number of universities. This, in turn, makes the task easier so that candidates have to fill out a considerable amount of documents in order to apply.

What is the Common App

This is a questionnaire used by various colleges and universities in the United States to conduct a comprehensive assessment of each applicant. The questionnaire is primarily intended for those candidates who enter the bachelor’s program. In this case, it will be enough for you to fill out just one questionnaire in order to apply to dozens of universities throughout the United States.

Thanks to the clearly developed parameters that need to be filled in the questionnaire, the selection committee has the opportunity to evaluate applicants properly. This is achieved since the app contains not only personal and statistical information about academic success. It also includes an essay that helps to reveal the identity of each candidate.

Common Application Structure

The questionnaire is designed specifically for international students and contains the following information:

  1. Personal data;
  2. Education Information;
  3. Test results;
  4. Family Member Information;
  5. Academic Achievements;
  6. Extracurricular Activities Information;
  7. Work experience;
  8. Essay.

Based on the results of the survey, the best US universities select the most promising and talented students who can bring something new to the college. For example, preference may be given to an applicant who has an average mark of English but has awards and medals in sports or painting. An essay is of particular importance in the questionnaire. This essay is one of the main selection criteria, and its writing should be treated with special responsibility.

Common App Benefits

Today, Common Application is used by the best universities in the United States. By submitting an application through the system, we can confidently say that all these institutions will receive it, which means that the chances of admission increase tenfold.

However, remember that each college may request additional essays or other documents from you. For this reason, it’s necessary to monitor the requirements of universities clearly and respond to them promptly.

In order to correctly fill out the application and not to miss additional requirements and dates of receipt, you can contact our company. Our experts will help you to choose the desired universities and competently fill out an application, taking into account all the requirements of universities.

How to get started with the Common App

First of all, you need to register on the Common Application portal. To do this, adequately fill in all the fields marked in yellow and bold. After registration, you will receive an email confirming your account.

Go to the site under your username. Be sure to read the instructions and terminology. In the My Colleges tab, select the universities you want to apply for. Separately, for each, fill out the form and deadline. Next, proceed to fill out the application.

The most common errors that lead to denial of admission

It often happens that applicants make some mistakes when filling out, which significantly reduces the chances of applying for study abroad. Keep reading to find out which errors to avoid.

Spelling mistakes

To prevent gross spelling errors, you need to check what you write several times. If in doubt, it’s best to give the text to your teacher or a professional corrector.

Lack of signature

Often, applicants forget to sign at the end of the document. However, this oversight can lead to a refusal to study abroad because the selection committee wants to see the app filled out following all the rules.

Carelessness to details

Often young people may confuse answers to questions. To prevent this from happening, carefully re-read the questions and answers, and correct errors in time.

Strange email address

Many students use a mailbox created in their school years. As a teenager, they came up with unusual box names that could contain curses, jargon, or stupid utterances. If you have just such an email address, it’s better to get yourself a new mailbox, the name of which will contain your name and surname.

Unattached files

Most often, universities require the provision of additional scanned documents. Before sending the app, you need to make sure that all files are attached and have the required format.

Failure to meet app deadlines

Remember that the commission will not consider the app that came in violation of the deadline for sending. For this reason, check the deadlines for each university in advance so as not to make this mistake.