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Often, a resume is the first thing an employer pays attention to before hiring you. That is why many people want to make the best possible impression with this tool. In turn, managers use various searching methods, including online, to find a good candidate. That is why your resume must be expertly designed for an employer to evaluate, but also contain keywords and phrases that the search engine will take into account.

Thus, if you arrange everything correctly, your resume will be in the first lines of search results — accordingly, the chances of finding a good job increase significantly.

Do my personal writing skills matter?

Many candidates mistakenly believe that good writing skills are enough to write an effective resume. However, this is not always true. That is why it is necessary to involve specialists in the preparation of this type of document to concentrate the employer’s attention in the best way on the most important details.

Today, there are a considerable number of companies that will suggest you make your resume in time, and as useful as possible. Some of these companies also offer additional services that include coaching and job search assistance. This, in turn, will help you to prepare for interviews and increase the rank of professionalism properly. Well, it’s time to start to analyze expert services for compiling a resume in more detail.

Professionalism Matters: TopResume

TopResume has more than 1,000 writers engaged in writing expert resumes for over 65 different business sectors. Besides, if you already have a written CV (Curriculum Vitae), then the company’s specialists can analyze your document for free and comment on whether this CV complies with all the rules and whether it can be used for further position search. Most often, the firm suggests its customers send them existing CVs on which their experts will additionally work.

What if there is no ready resume?

Don’t worry, this is not a big deal. In order to collect the necessary data about you as a specialist, the resume writing services staff will offer you to fill out a questionnaire with which you can specify all the required information that will be used later for your resume. Today, the company provides services consisting of 3 packs depending on the immediate needs of the client.

The entry rank resume package provides you with an opportunity to optimize your finished resume for hiring with the help of keywords that are necessary for your employer to find you as quickly as possible. The pack of services of the second rank provides you with an opportunity to transfer the writing of a resume to the company’s professionals and also to receive an effective cover letter to your document. And finally, the great Level 3 pack includes expert resume writing, a cover letter, and the creation of a well-designed LinkedIn profile. The main feature of cooperation with this resume firm is that your resume will be done by professionals who have practical experience in a specific field. Accordingly, experts will consider in advance what kind of data recruiters are looking for.

First-class assurance and comfort: Monster

Monster is an expert writing team. In turn, the company provides its customers with an opportunity to choose from three main resume packages, depending on the needs and the required rank of service. The basic pack of the firm exclusively provides a chance to write summaries for you with the help of expert resume writers. Deluxe resume package is the next rank that includes:

  • CV writing;
  • Letter of introduction.

And finally, the Premier package consists of such services as:

  • Writing a great resume in two days;
  • Drawing up a great cover letter;
  • Setting up and designing your LinkedIn profile.

Regardless of which resume package clients prefer, the resume services provide a 60-day guarantee period. This means the resume will certainly help you with your job search. Don’t worry if after completing an order you will not be delighted with the results and rank of the document. You can always point out the shortcomings, and the company’s specialists will make any changes absolutely free. This is how you can benefit from a guarantee you get here.

Versatility and quality: Let’s Eat Grandma

Let’s Eat Grandma is a top CV services business. It offers a non-standard professional approach and contact to its customers. If you already have a ready-made resume and, in your opinion, it has been compiled very competently, you can provide it to the resume service specialists for an initial assessment.

Expert writers of this website will be able to examine your document in more detail from generating a performance rating for you. If your resume scores a reasonably high score, the firm will provide you with a free start-up pack of its website services that include:

  • Recommendations for editing your finished resume;
  • Writing an expert Cover letter.

Also, you can order a so-called accelerated resume compilation pack. This, in turn, includes:

  • Professionally written resume with the help of firm specialists;
  • Drawing up a letter of introduction for a quick hire;
  • Help create an expert jobseeker profile on LinkedIn.

For the most sophisticated customers, the firm also offers a professional Premium pack. This service option is one of the most effective since it includes:

  • Recommendations for editing the finished version of the resume you provided;
  • Writing a unique letter of introduction for a quick hire;
  • Create an expert jobs profile on LinkedIn;
  • Writing two resume options using professional writers;
  • A letter of gratitude for the meetings (you can mail it after you conduct an interview so that the employer sees your seriousness in finding a job);
  • An email template that you can mail to recruiters when looking for work.

Each applicant who contacts the firm has an opportunity to create an individual pack of services.

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Recommendations for a successful career: iHire resume writing service

iHire provides a great service, and a top opportunity for clients to get the most accessible and intuitive CV writing firm products. After you go through an easy registration on the firm website, you will need to choose one of three resume packages:

  1. Entry rank;
  2. Expert resume;
  3. An executive resume.

Then you will need to provide the company’s specialists with comprehensive data regarding your career achievements and years of experience. The easiest way is if you send a ready-made resume that you wrote earlier. Or you can fill out a special resume questionnaire in which you must indicate the necessary information regarding previous jobs, education, career achievements, and so on.

After that, within seven working days, you will receive a sketch version of your resume with which you can familiarize yourself and possibly suggest corrections. If the written resume does not meet your expectations, you will be able to contact the company’s team of specialists an infinite number of times until your document looks like you need. It is worth noting that on the company’s website you can see free examples of resumes as they were when they were transmitted by a customer and what they became after the iHire specialists worked with them.

Unique career opportunities: Knock ‘Em Dead

If you need to create a resume taking into account the specific industry in which you are looking for a job, then this resume writers service will suit you. Thanks to the company’s management, you can get a high-quality resume as well as the necessary letter of introduction with complete privacy.

To use the website resume service, it will first be necessary to determine which type of work you are looking for and which industry this work relates to. After that, the writers of the firm will be able to make a spectacular resume for you in draft form. After creating a resume, you can analyze the document, and if in your opinion, it is necessary to make any changes, the company’s specialists will easily do this without additional expenses.

The main feature of this top writing service is that, unlike other companies, not a single specialist will work on your resume, but several at once. Besides, the firm will additionally run your resume using an individual copy editor. After that, your document will contain all the necessary keywords that employers use when searching for specialists for free vacancies. If you decide to become a customer of the company, depending on the option pack, you can receive the following types of services:

  • Creating resumes by professional writers of the firm;
  • Optimization of your resume in terms of search engines;
  • A one-hour consultation with NY Times bestselling author;
  • Two-hour consultation on the most effective searching strategy works;
  • Individual letter of introduction and so on.

The pricing policy of the firm provides for various cost options depending on the pack of services that you choose.

What about creating an expert resume by yourself without using any services?

In fact, the process of creating a resume for a new job is not so simple and doesn’t bring satisfaction at all. Those who think that it is possible to independently prepare professional resumes that, with a high degree of probability will appeal to your employer are somewhat mistaken. The fact is that even though you probably have the skills to correctly structure data and know exactly what parameters of your career experience it is worth emphasizing, this is far from everything you have to face.

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In addition to compiling the resume itself, you will also need to take care of optimizing your text for searching engines. Imagine a situation where you, as an employer, want to find a professional accountant with extensive years of experience. What words do you use to enter the relevant query into the searching engine?

It is here that professional writing services come to the rescue. A professional resume firm can conduct a detailed analysis and will definitely know by what keywords managers are looking for specialists for vacant positions. Therefore, the chance that you will get a job of your dreams increases significantly thanks to using professional resume writing help.