Cookie Policy

Each of our customers and users of our website is directly informed of the probable use of cookies, web beacons or other data retrieving technologies when interacting in any way with our service through any of the electronic channels connected to our company.

Such channels include our website, application, any additional tools, the instant messaging feature and other services provided by us. This applies both to individual customers and customers acting on the behalf of a third party. Also, it applies in the case the customer interacts with any individual or a third party acting on our behalf.

This document aims at specifying and clarifying our use of the technologies listed above. The reasons for using such technologies are also outlined. This document is set to provide you with sufficient information about our practices, in case you have further questions or you are not satisfied by the information contained in this document, you are invited to contact our customer support.

Along with familiarizing with our Cookies Policy, you should also accurately read the other policy documents that regulate our operations. Such documents include our Terms and Conditions. Do not hesitate to ask further questions if needed.

What Are Web Beacons, Cookies and Other Technologies that We Might Use?

Every time you access our website (and many others), small files might be downloaded to the device you are accessing the website with. For example, you might use the website through a laptop, smartphones, PC or tablet. By downloading such files, referred to as “cookies”, our company has the opportunity to track your interaction with our services. Such information is used to collect information about your actions as a user of our website and to remember you and your choices in all your future interactions.

We might use different types of cookies:

  • Persistent Cookies – Such cookies will stay on your device even after you have left our website or digital application. By using these cookies we will remember your preferences and we can analyze information shared across different websites.
  • Session Cookies – These cookies are downloaded and applicable only during your current session and use of the website. As soon as you leave our website or our application, these cookies will disappear.
  • Third-Party Cookies – These are the cookies placed by external parties and entities. They are not placed on the website you are visiting.
  • Web Beacon – These small files are downloaded and are supposed to work with other cookies. They are used to recognize users returning to the page after the previous use. They also collect data (anonymously) on the behavior of the user on the website.
  • First Party Cookies – These cookies are set by the website you are visiting and we use them to retain your information after you leave the website to remember your activity on the website for future interactions. For example, when you return to our website after your first usage, we will remember your name or site preferences.
  • Other Related Technologies – Flash and HTML5 cookies, as well as objects shared within sessions in the browsers, are included in such field. Also, items held in local storage or items not managed by individual browsers come under this classification. Such information is retained at the level of the application or the website. We do not use such information and data for target advertising.

Consent to the Use Of Cookies

Our webpages and other online content will not functions properly without using cookies. For this reason, to be able to correctly access our website and use other services we provide such as our messaging system, as well as to interact in any way with our service, you will have to provide explicit consent to the use of cookies, web beacons and other technologies in our applications or website.

If you do not want to provide such consent, you might have to adjust your browser session to block cookies and data collection technologies. A website that makes use of cookies can ask you to provide some personal information such as email address, your name and surname, and other personal preferences. Once you’ve submitted such information to the website, the data you provided will be stored in a cookie and downloaded to your browser. The information will be retrieved for future uses of the website. For instance, the next time you visit the same website, the web page will “remember” the information and adapt accordingly. Each time you visit a new page or that you visit the website again the cookie will be sent back to your browser.

What Cookies and Web Beacons Do We Use?

We use such technologies for several different reasons. The most important one is to ensure that the service we provide and our website is functioning correctly. We also use them to add some functionality to the usability of our web pages or application.

Some cookies are strictly necessary for the well-functioning of the website. Navigating a website, accessed gated areas and have an overview of your order details all require cookies. In case the cookies are disabled, such services will no longer be available.

We do not use cookies to collect information about you and we do not use the information for marketing purposes. Rather, the essential cookies are used to allow you to use and navigate our website.

In case you do not agree to the use of cookies and block their functions, we cannot guarantee the appropriate functioning of your website or any website security.

Even performance cookies will not collect personally identifying data. Rather, they collect data about your visit and any possible errors you might have encountered during your session. We use them to improve the usability and functionality of our website. Also, they help us understand the behavior of our users and to better design our website to provide the best online experience.

We collect anonymous data through the use of cookies

Regarding first and third-party advertising cookies, we use such cookies to deliver content and product-related information that might be relevant to your interests. As a result, you might visualize advertisement on our or other websites. We can also use the date to measure the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. Third-party cookies that we might hire to offer content tools or various functionalities might collect information about your IP address or device.

Keep in mind that you can block cookies on your browser, but be aware that blocking them might have unexpected results. If you delete but not block the cookies, once you visit the website again, new cookies will be reinstalled. To handle cookies, you should refer to your browser. If you wish to withdraw consent, you will need to delete the cookies and block them.