Terms of Usage

Please go through this document with due care as the terms given hereinafter dictate your use of our services and website.

If you continue to use the website, it entails that you agree with the conditions mentioned herein. It’s also taken as a confirmation that you’re legally authorized to enter into this legal agreement with us.

Registering Yourself and Placing An Order

You’ve to fill up a registration form giving out your information and your project details in order to place an order with us. This form is a prerequisite for processing your order as it outlines your requirements including the educational level, formatting and delivery deadline. Make sure that you provide complete and accurate information in this form.

Payment and Concessions

Please note that your order is processed and the deadline countdown starts only after you’ve successfully completed and authorized the payment. The payment details are given on the “Pricing” page of our website. Payment is calculated based on the complexity level of the job, length of the paper and the time available for delivery.

You can make payment using any of the supported methods at the time of payment. Please be mindful that the company won’t be responsible for any types of banking or technical delays in the payment processing.

We do have several discounts and referral concessions on our services. However, these keep changing as per the Discount Policy of the company and you must check the ongoing discounts from our website at the time of placing your order.

Processing of Your Order

The complete process that’s undertaken at our company after you’ve made the payment is a very streamlined procedure and we take care that there are no delays from our side. Some important aspects of this process are as explained below :-

  • Validation. We may reconfirm the order details to verify that the instructions and requirements as received by us are correct and comprehensive. This is carried out so that there’s no mismatch between your actual requirements and the ones that you’ve uploaded. We will make the necessary modifications to your order, if any discrepancy is observed.
  • Volume. The volume or length of an order is measured in terms of pages; each page contains 275 words (at double-spacing). The final product has to have the same number of pages/words as requested by you at the time of ordering. If you find that the volume of the delivered product doesn’t match with your request, you can send it back for review.
  • Amendments to Order. You can make changes to the scope of the project only till the time the writer hasn’t started working on your job. In case the amendments made by you increase the volume or complexity level of the project or the deadline is brought closer, we’ll reprice the work and you’ll have to make the additional payment before the order is processed further.
  • References. If you want the writer to utilize some specific information for completing the work, the same should be communicated to the writer at the start itself. You must provide all the requisite data and reference material or suitable links for the same at the time of order placement.
  • Interactions. You can interact with the writer or our customer support team through our messaging service, live chat or a simple phone call. Such interactions are very important in timely completion of a high quality product.
  • Progress Monitoring. Your project’s progress is updated regularly in your account. Important notifications are also sent to you on your registered contacts. You can also get an update by contacting our 24/7 Customer Support team.

Delivery of Finished Product

We take complete responsibility to deliver your finished project within the allocated time-frame. However, you’re required to ensure that the email ID provided by you at the time of ordering remains operational. You should take care that spam filters of your mail provider don’t block our mails. In case of any query, you must immediately contact our Support team. You’re also accountable to download the product in time and confirm that it meets your requirements.

Order Review

You’re allowed to request for a revision, if the delivered product doesn’t meet your requirements, as brought out in your initial instructions. If you need some additional changes, over and above your primary requirements, you’ll be asked to pay for the same. You could also opt to place another order with instructions for editing. Please read the company’s Revision Policy carefully.


It’s our continuous endeavor to deliver high quality products in time to our clients. We take utmost care to ensure that all your requirements are met and to achieve 100% user satisfaction. In case, you’re not happy with our work and your submission date gets violated because of our delay, you’re qualified to get a partial or full refund of your money. Please read our policy on Money Back Guarantee.

Use of Final Product

As per the company policy, you’re provided with the completed project only for your personal use. Any commercial use of the product like publishing or distributing it or a part of it will be treated as illegal. The payment that you make at the time of ordering is spent on paying the writer for his/her research and writing tasks and for running of the company. It shouldn’t be mistaken as the payment for purchasing the writing. You may use the product for submission as your project report, an essay or any other educational assignment at your school or college level, but not for wider distribution or reproduction.

Copying and Redistribution of Product

When you order content from us, you’re considered to have gone through our policies. Please note that we have the discretion to cancel the agreement, if any attempts to use our products in an illegal way are observed. Any distribution of our products to an unauthorized third party for profit generation or otherwise may lead to legal complications. If any illegitimate use of our products comes to our notice, you may get banned from using our services in future. Therefore, it’s for you to be careful while using our products in accordance with the terms and conditions of our company.

Security Guarantee

Your personal information and other data that we collect from you is completely safe with us. To find out more about the storage and use of your data by us, read our Privacy Policy thoroughly.