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The world is actually growing closer to the world of 1984 as a result of use of technology.

America can be turning into oceania because our company is starting to shed privacy. For example , Big Brother may be the ruler of oceania. He is the name with the govenment not really a person.

Big Brother could signify america’s authorities. One of the books element which can be compared to the modern society may be the telescreen. The telescreens in 1984 were everywhere without turned off. This Picked up whatever you did inside your apartment. This even chosen any noise you made.

It was Winstons fear of getting over read or viewed. Surveillance is definitely frightening to a few people. Most of the palces all of us go to is included with camera’s. There is cameras in the mall, universities, and even on the streets ATM machine.

Phone lines are also a way of spying on you. Additionally it is east to tap a phone call. Mainly everytime you call a store or a bussiness your mobile call is being registered. The excuse that they produce is that your mobile call is being monitered for your protection. If tv sets in present day society a new chip that may be called the “V Chip”, The government would be able to control everything you watch on your own televison.

The chip will actually exsist in the modern world. Without even the processor chip the govenment could continue to control all the media about televison. A pc called the “The Pentium III” by simply Intel will be able to note wherever you go online to acquire feedback of what people like to see in the internet. The govenment tracks what people do and discover on daily basis. A lot of people have a Easy-Pass.

This kind of keeps track of just how many times you decide to go through a bridge. Who is aware if they could observe it by satelite.

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