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As the results of the study show, Vietnamese cultural values continue to hold solid impacts in Vietnamese young female consumers. By the character of collectivism society, Thai young girls have the tendency of conforming for the social usual instead of standing out of the group. The natural and pure look is still the beauty orientation of all participants with this study. Although some cultural principles are taken care of, its symbolism and ideals are a little bit changed. The white pores and skin is still a common of splendor, but people interpret its meanings in various ways instead of traditionally considering it as a sign of sociable status.

In terms of guide groups, their particular impacts in individuals will not fix at all time. Looking at familial-based influence, parents’ argument to wearing makeup in school or at the childhood creates obstacle that make young girls be more hesitated and reduce their make-up in this framework. As the girls acquired certain technique of makeup, parrents appear to be “Neglecting parents” or perhaps “Indulgent parents” (Baumrind, 1991). Parents might raise the concern on product quality and origin, and present opinions on their daughters’ look, but did not involve directly in their daughters’ beauty practice, particularly the use of makeup. In addition , similar to outfits, participants see makeup like a kind of style which styles subject to alter by time and wearers’ era. The girls and the parents belong to different decades that have several beauty practice. Thus, they will chose to label the research groups that share precisely the same values and characteristics just like friends, other beautiful ladies and the beauty vloggers.

Individuals had been found to become heavily inspired by colleagues. The support and ubiquitous use of makeup by friends trigger individuals’ makeup trial. The colleagues pressure is another force t individuals’ use of makeup. Furthermore, friends may influence consumers’ purchase goal, product trial, brand work with and the choice of makeup style.

Hofstede et ing. (2010) mentioned that the girls’ beauty ideals are most affected by the father and mother, rather than the press or famous people. However , within our study, magnificence vloggers on YouTube appear to be a brand new reference group that exerts impacts in consumers’ notion toward the belief of natural beauty and make-up application. Natural beauty vloggers on YouTube play essential role in the beauty methods of Japanese young female consumers. They offer knowledge, expertise and updated trend as the rich source and alternatives for consumers to construct and present themselves.

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