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TOPIC: RELATIVE STUDY AROUND THE ACCEPTANCE OF MODERN FAMILY PLANNING AMONG HAUSA, YORUBA, AND IGBO IN AGEGE COMMUNITY, LAGOS STATE. ABSTRACT The study will be carry out to get a comparison study for the acceptance of modern family organizing among Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo’s in Agege community, lagos. one hundred and fifty respondents will be needed for the study, 50 participants from each settlement.

The point group in this research will be women of child bearing age. Data will be collated, evaluate, by using detailed statistics and Chi rectangular to test intended for the hypotheses

CHAPTER A SINGLE 1 . zero INTRODUCTION 1 . 1BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Right from creation, copie of man had been as a result of reproduction. However giving birth to young ones is the term associated to the and this is good for posterity being the desire of everyone. Through clinical reproductive analysis over the years, man has evolved familiarity with putting thought and calculation to population by means of friends and family planning because if this is certainly not in place, gentleman may land in killing and eating the other person as a result of more than population in the absence of sufficient resources.

Relatives planning is the process of having children by choice rather than by chance that is identifying when to have children and the use of birth control and other techniques to implement such plans. Different stechniques widely used include lovemaking education, elimination and supervision of sexually transmitted infections, preconception, counselling and administration. (Etuk S i9000. K and EKanem M., 2003). Family members planning sometimes used being a synonym for the use of birth control, most commonly applied to a female-male couple who wish to limit the number of kids they have and or to control the timing of pregnancy.

Relatives planning solutions are understood to be educational, extensive medical or social activities which enable individuals, which include minors to determine freely the phone number, spacing with their children and to select the strategies which this may be achieved (Royce R. A, 2006) You cannot find any doubting the truth that in the current reality, increasing quality kids requires significant amount of resources: period, social, monetary and environmental planning may help assure that assets are available more, it would be one other potential extra threat towards the parent and society in particular.

This is the essence of friends and family planning (Paine et al, 2001) Specialists have always was adamant that ready until the mom is at least 18years older before trying to have children improves mother’s and kid health. As well, if added children are ideal after a child is born, it is healthier intended for the mom and the child to wait at least 2years after the prior birth before trying to conceive (but not more than 5years).

After a losing the unborn baby or child killingilligal baby killing, it is healthier to wait no less than 6 months (Delano G. 1990). Osakue T. O (2010) highlighted that Nigeria becoming the most populated country in Africa with more than 140 mil people also has a high annual rate of population expansion (3. 5%) And a high total virility rate of 6. 0 live births per girls. Additionally , the country has comparatively high degrees of infant fatality of 104 infant deaths per 1, 000 live births.

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