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Abstract – The aim of this experiment was going to investigate whether or not certain foods comprised the different foodstuff groups. Whether it turned black that supposed it had starch, if it flipped red that meant it had glucose, if it turned crimson it meant it had necessary protein and if that turned clear/transparent it had fat.

The equipment employed was vegetable oil, pallet, pipette, starch, glucose, albumin, iodine solution, and Benedict’s remedy and water piping sulphate solution.

The method was simple, mixing each type of food while using food group to see if it would change colour and if this contained this kind of food group, for example in the event iodine was added to starch and its shade changed it provides contained iodine in that.

Introduction – All the techniques of lifestyle require strength, and this strength comes from food groups. Carbohydrates provide strength for movements and this consists of carbon, hydrogen and sugars. It is seen in cereals and pasta. Protein are used to help growth and repair to get the body it really is made up of proteins and is seen in meat and fish. Excess fat are used to supply a concentrated source of energy and to insulate the body in cold temperature ranges. Saturated fats happen to be obtained from family pets such as various meats, however polyunsaturated fat originates from vegetables.

Nutritional vitamins are necessary in small amounts intended for growth nevertheless different vitamins have different capabilities, vitamin A is required to provide good perspective and it is by vegetables including carrots. Supplement B produces energy from food in fact it is obtained from milk and breads. Vitamin C gives healthy and balanced skin and this is via oranges and also other fruits. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium and this comes from margarine and oily fish.

The digestive system provides two main functions, one of them is to convert food in to nutrients about what the body needs, the different functions is always to remove any kind of waste which can be in the body.

Approach , Starch test: 1st collect the food sample (liquid) and add a number of drops of iodine answer (yellow/brown) then check if the colour changes coming from yellow/brown to blue dark-colored ink then it will contain starch.

Body fat test: We collected the foodstuff sample and put it on some paper and if it went through it includes fat.

Necessary protein test: After we collected the food trials which were liquid in a test out tube and added five drops of copper sulphate and five drops of sodium hydroxide and if the colour changes coming from blue to purple then the food sample does contain protein.

Sugar: First collect the food examples in a test out tube through adding a few drops of benedicts solution. Then simply place the check tube in a boiling water bathroom. If the colour changes by blue to green and then to lemon to red the sample contains sugars. The colour alterations depending on the concentration of the sample.

(P6) Your body requires all of the nutrients to remain healthy nevertheless different people will be needing a different variety and portion size in comparison to others, one example is athletes will require a high diet in carbohydrates and beef because they want it to release energy and strengthen their bones a lot more than an office member of staff would need that, however an office worker will be needing a lot of vitamin A because it usually spends its time on the computer functioning and this can harm their sight.

If a person ate a lot of food teams then the face will have become over nourished and if it’s not worked away then the human body will become heavier and heavy, too much oily foods and oils trigger this.

Even so if a person ate also less in the food teams then the face will become under nourished meaning the body can be skinny and underweight. This is certainly caused as a result of a lack of diet plan.

If a person ate as well less of vitamin A then the eye will have concerns seeing during the night however if it was too less nutritional C then the mouth can be affected and it will develop scurvy.

The body features different enzymes which process the different meals groups , Protease is definitely the enzyme which in turn attains for the breakdown of protein, Lipase is the chemical which reaches to the malfunction of fat and amylase is the chemical which attains to the malfunction of starch.

Method – Mixing each of the food groupings into the several test such as iodine evaluation to see if it includes this substance in it.

Other enzymes including Maltase digests maltose to glucose, Lactase digests lactose to glucose and galactose, Sucrose digests sucrose to glucose and fructose.

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