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The growth of industry in Merthyr was the major reason for the huge increase in population over a one hundred year from 1750 to 1851. The population was estimated by four hundred persons for the entire year 1750, this was just an estimation so we do not know how dependable this is as it is just an calculate and had not been an official program. However by simply 1801 the first census was presented and this developed an official number for the people in Merthyr at the time, that was seven thousand people.

This shows an enormous increase in populace in just about 50 yrs. The population continuing to rise up until 1851 wherever it come to forty six thousand people.

Source A1

The population of Merthyr Tydfil


Human population


four hundred


several, 000


30, 1000


46, 000

The location of Merthyr was ideally situated for an flat iron works, because the mountains above were inexhaustible sources of Straightener ore, fossil fuel, limestone, firestone and open fire clay. There was several flat iron works in Merthyr at that time but the ones of Mr. Crawshays were the grandest and largest. The employees earnings proportioned �3 per month. This covered Men, Ladies and Children. The ideal wage with the workers was nine Guineas, which was �9. 45 monthly. However this kind of compared to Crawshay was nothing as he was earning a bumper �36, 000 per year.

These information and numbers come from origin A2 through the resource report. Rev. George Capper made the source in a journal of any tour of Wales. This therefore makes the source an extremely reliable item of evidence because Reverend George wrote it, who would have been a trusted and respected part of society. Also he would experienced no purpose to adopt a biased approach to the subject. The origin is very helpful to a historian studying the works in Merthyr as it gives information regarding the size of the works and wage constructions of the manufacturer.

Transport played out a major part in the regarding Merthyr because an professional town. In 1790 plans were submit to construct a canal, which in turn would go via Merthyr to Cardiff.

This cost �103, 600 and took several years to make. On their completion in February 1794 the apretado measured 241/2 miles. The canal allowed raw materials to get transported for a much quicker rate than previously, it might also travel a larger amount of goods at any given time, compared to the older method of a horse and cart. Resource A5(ii) reveals how in ten years the use of the canal travelled from 83, 729 a lot of coal a year to 211, 214 tons of coal 12 months.

The levels of discontent in Merthyr begun to rise in the beginning of the nineteenth century. There are many elements that written for this, one was pick up truck tokens which were issued to workers while payment. This kind of caused discontent because the tokens could just be spent inside the shops, that were owned by the truck firms. The goods had been highly priced and poor in quality, this along with a range of other problems including the express of the federal government at the time ultimately led to the start of the riots in Merthyr at the start from the nineteenth 100 years.

Source B2 explains how a riot in Merthyr acquired reached this sort of a point that it would be difficult to stop without the assistance from the military. It also explains what the rioters were carrying out during the riot, how they experienced demolished truck shops, usually the one being the Morgan Lewis shop. This goes on to admit he thought there were around two 1, 000 people , doing each of the mischief they can. ‘ G. Lyndon developed the source in a letter to Samuel Homfray on the 22nd September toll free. It would have already been reliable since the letter was taken from enough time of the huge range, also source B3 can be shows a painting of troops emerging in Merthyr which backs up what is stated in the page. The art work is a contemporary painting simply by Penry Williams.

Even though it can be described as contemporary piece of art it may not be an entirely trustworthy source because the designer may include exaggerated the scene, it will have been very reliable if it have been a photo instead of a painting. This will affect the effectiveness of the supply to an historian studying the poker site seizures in Merthyr. The performance of the page is that it might have been able to tell historians exactly what was actually going on in Merthyr at the time and just how serious the riots basically were.

At the start of the nineteenth radical ideas started to become more popular in Merthyr. They believed that vast scale reforms were required in Merthyr at the time. These views happen to be put throughout in supply B4, which is part of a great anonymous paper, found near Penydarren on 27th January 1817. That talks about the misery with the people of Merthyr and exactly how if improvements are not manufactured soon the workers will take legislation into their personal hands.

Supply A1 reveals the growth in population in Merthyr over the hundred years coming from 1750 to 1831. Source C1 shows the census of 1851 in detail. The reliability on this source can be put into issue as it says that the total population in Merthyr in the year 1851 is definitely six 1, 000, five hundred and twenty eight. If it is compared to supply A1, exactly where it declares that the human population in Merthyr was actually 30 thousand people. Therefore there is a difference of nearly twenty five thousand among each resource. This also casts uncertainty over the stability of source A1, yet, in my opinion origin I believe that source A1 would be more reliable than supply C1 since source A2 supports the very fact that Merthyr was booming due to the raising size of the ironworks during the time.

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