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POST_ GRADUATION PROGRAMME IN PLANNING AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP_ attract: frame Submitted simply by. G. Raja Saravanan (09)-F1 Vasanth.

G (39)-F1. G. Alfa Bhandari (03)-F2 Ramya Santhanagopalan (30)-F2 BATCH – PGP/SS/2008 -2010 UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF TO WHOMSOEVER IT MIGHT CONCERN Your own truly, (*Prof. K. *Sashi Rao) Chennai ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We all also take privilege in honoring the institution IIPM for allowing for us to undertake our job in our topic. We give thanks to Raj Network, Sun Network, Star Vijay and Jaya Network intended for giving us this opportunity.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all or any those who helped us when you get the valuable inputs that has gone a considerable ways to increase our knowledge. We would be declining in our work if we do not thank our parents and friends devoid of whose very well wishes, this kind of project might not have become a achievement. Table of Contents PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY INTRODUCTION ABOUT EXAMINE The Study cope with three crucial areas of emphasis: (1) An analysis of how the mass media informally instruct their people through their very own descriptions and presentations of significant data. 2) The results of a series of selection interviews with a theoretical sample of folks that is exploring how they describe themselves and exactly how they see the quality of data being presented and also they were asked as a solution about their understanding on distinct channels. Therefore, resulting in analysis of how effective they are when it comes to attracting and satisfying to the need of their viewers. 3) Strategies Used , Challenges faced simply by Channels intended for successful business. OBJECTIVE FROM THE STUDY: To study the consumers attitude towards the Raj Network To analyze the customer preference toward Raj Network.

To study about how precisely to help Raj Network to improve its Earnings. To study about how further tactics and expenditure could be implemented to improve the Raj Network. SCOPE FROM THE STUDY: This kind of study can be confined to Chennai. Further research can be made in other metropolitan areas also. This study might help the company to discover more regarding the frame of mind of the Raj Network. The findings on this study can help the company to implement proper strategies that will attract even more viewers (audiences). COMPANY PROFILE It is staying telecasted in 135 countries RESEARCH METHOD

Research technique underlines the many steps involved by the investigator in methodically solving the condition with the objective of determining several facts. The main purpose of synthetic research is to assess the state affaires as it is present at present. Deductive research contains survey and in-depth analysis of variables. The research program calls for gathering primary and secondary data. The Testing Method followed for the current study is not hard Random Sample METHODS OF DATA COLLECTION Principal Data Extra Data SECOND DATA INFO ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION Stand 1 The amount of *hours a respondent watching tv in a day draw: frame _From these table it might be inferred that nearly fifty percent (46%) with the respondents observe television to get 3 to 5 hours a day and the least inhabitants of about 8% spend time pertaining to watching television a lot more than 5 several hours a day. _ Table-2 Enough time slot recommended by respondents to watch tv pull: frame _It can be inferred from the above stand that, six P. Meters to twelve P. M is the peak hours pertaining to watching television and with very less respondents being interested to watch television early morning and late night following 10 G. M which will cover only 5%. _ Table-3

The participants preference towards various programs telecasted on Television draw: frame Table -4 The amount of respondents viewing various Tamil Channels bring: frame Table -5 The ranking of various Tamil channels according to the preference of respondents Table-6 The belief of participants to add more variety of programmes to the Raj NETWORK attract: frame Table-7 The attitude of respondents toward of watching Raj NETWORK attract: frame To sum up table it is usually inferred that _the only 15% in the respondents enjoy RAJ NETWORK daily and many of the viewers, covering regarding 26% are not very certain in viewing RAJ NETWORK. Table-8 The respondents viewing various Raj Network Programs pull: frame _The above stand shows that simply 33% out of twenty four respondents observe RAJ NETWORK whereas RAJ VISTA visitors are almost negligible masking just 4% of the total viewership_. Table-9 The visitors feedback within the various variables of Raj Network draw: frame attract: frame attract: frame bring: frame draw: frame FINDINGS The survey says Sun Network and Vijay TV is the central competitor from the Raj Network in Chennai. Most of the viewers prefer to watch the Super Serials and Reality reveals.

People are also interested in Vijay TV’s impressive programs Persons watch Raj TV only when they search the channels. Regarding Raj Network’s Efficiency, viewers provided different opinions. Regarding the top quality factors of Raj Network (News Channel) most of the audiences had thoughts and opinions that the media readers and reporters have no excellent persona and exceptional interpersonal skills. SUGGESTIONS Raj TV can improve their technology standard. They will do some innovative programs to get the new visitors and lost viewers. Enhance information contribution from the people like showing amateur video footage on public interest.

Put more conversations on local issues about the welfare with the society. LIMITATIONS OF THE EXAMINE The opportunity of the examine restricted to just few areas. Subscribers might not give a precise data. Busy nature of the respondents. Sample size restricted to 150 Respondent’s bias to certain entertainment channels. Insufficient response by customers , resistance was yet another element that damped the heart of the research workers. CONCLUSION It is clear that Sun Network and Superstar Vijay are definitely the leaders inside the Tamil Stations. Raj Network has to introduce more ground breaking programmes.

Raj Network needs to improve the photo and sound clarity for being as competitive as other Tamil Channels. Raj Network should target the Tamil audience overall, knowing their very own preferences. BIBILIOGRAPHY WEBSITES www. sunnetwork. org www. rajtvnet. in www. jayanetwork. in www. vijay. indya. com www. tamindia. com www. indiantelevision. com APPENDIX CUSTOMER SURVEY *Do you have a NETWORK*? Yes b) No Yes b) Not any *For how many several hours in a day, do you watch NETWORK*.? *When will you watch NETWORK*. generally? Which Tamil programs do you observe? Others _ Which programmers you observe most and regularly?

Numerous following programs which plan you like one of the most? Kindly list the Tamil channels relating to your choice. Others (please specify) What do you like or dislike regarding the following programs? * How often you observe Raj NETWORK*.? Which Raj network channels you view? Kindly get ranking Raj Network channels relating to your preference. Raj Vista [ ] *How would you rate Raj NETWORK* within the following guidelines? Kindly tick the appropriate box *Do you think Raj NETWORK* needs to add more Variety to its existing pair of Programmes? Your suggestions about Raj NETWORK

Name (Optional): Mother Tongue: Age bracket (Tick the correct one) Competitors Profiles MAJOR BRANDS IN THE CHENNAI TELEVISION MARKET: Sun Network Jaya Network Raj Network Star Vijay Mr Kalanithi Maran, Leader and Controlling Director in the Sun TV SET Network Limited. SunTV Network’s programming is known as a mixed tote. All the programs have a wholesome mixture of • Films • Film-Based Shows • Superhit serials • INFORMATION Capsules • Talk displays • Children’s hours • Women Display. draw: frame Sun Network has been telecasted in Asia South Africa Australia European countries USA Canada It is being telecasted much more than 150 countries

JAYA NETWORK M. Jayalalithya, *( Former Main Minister of Tamil Nadu )* MD, Chairman and Managing Overseer of the *Jaya *Network Limited. attract: frame The Network operates a number of popular serials shown by the best names in South American indian films today. These in blend with a quantity of popular discussion shows and game displays give the network an edge together with the viewers. Tamil Channels: Jaya TV, Jaya Max, Jaya news , Jaya As well as Jaya Network is being telecasted in Australia New Zealand STAR VIJAY This can be a popular American indian entertainment funnel broadcasting in Tamil.

The channel can be owned simply by Rupert Murdoch’s News Organization. It is best praised for serving their viewers with a mix of content material, not restricted to mega serials/daily soaps just like other Tamil channels. The key reason of success of SUPERSTAR Vijay is its talk about of truth shows. Fact shows were first brought to the people by SUPERSTAR Vijay Celebrity Vijay has been telecasted in Sri Lanka ALL OF US Canada Supplementary Data of Raj TELEVISION Raj Television set defers expansion plans The Rs150-200 crore investment to get launch of 12 local channels continues to be put on keep for 12-18 months Vidhya Sivaramakrishnan

Chennai: Media and broadcast company Raj Television Network Limited has delayed plans to launch 12 regional stations and buy a Tamil newspaper by one other 12-18 weeks, as the business waits to get the economy to bring back to raise funds, two best executives explained. The Chennai-based broadcaster, which will raised Rs52. 81 crore in an primary public offering in Feb . 2007, acquired proposed trading Rs150-200 crore for the launches, with part of the cash coming from private equity finance firms. These kinds of plans have become deferred due to current market conditions, M. Raajhendran, managing director of Raj Television, explained in a recent meeting.

Raj TV has already been struggling with skinny audience evaluations in a populated regional television set market. Relating to W TAMTYM MIEJSCU Media Exploration Pvt. Ltd, a viewership rating organization, mmands a 96% talk about, while Raj Digital As well as has the leftover viewership, TAM data reveals. Raj TELEVISION SET currently runs four tv channels in Tamil and one each in Kannada and Telugu, primarily in the music, reports and standard entertainment classes. Of the recommended channels, which is why the company previously has licences, three will be in Malayalam and two each in Kannada and Telugu. It can be yet to select the different five programs. Within a span of one-and-a-half years, a global markets is likewise good and we will raise money, ” Raajhendran said. “We are going gradual. ” Prakash Dharmarajan, Chennai president of advertising company Ogilvy and Mathpwer, explained Raj TV SET cannot rely solely upon new stations to improve their business. “It (Raj Video’s success consist of states) would entirely rely upon their coding content. Is it easy? It is not. At the end of the day, persons watch programs, not programs, ” this individual said. Within the company’s produce plans, promoter and whole-time director M.

Ravindran declared that though the firm is in reveals with a few persons, a deal is usually not likely instantly. “We want to buy out a few established produce player, but it will take some time, ” he said, without elaborating. Raj TV provides since produced two of the four films it has developed so far, investing Rs23 crore. They made profits of 10-15% on an average, Ravindran said, nevertheless declined particulars. The studio and workplace complex, also, needs an additional year to get ready, he added. Raj Television’s earnings in monetary 2008-09 improved to Rs62. 41 crore from Rs58. 69 crore in the previous yr, but droped way in short supply of its targeted 40-50% earnings growth.

Net profit intended for the year ended 31 03 fell to Rs3. seventy two crore, via Rs13. 46 crore earlier. MUMBAI: Sunlight Network features hit again at Raj TV’s statements of having cornered the number two position in Tamil Nadu. MUMBAI: Raj TV seems to be in zero mood to stop its state as the 2nd most well-known channel in Tamil Nadu. A few months ago, the channel got cited W TAMTYM MIEJSCU data to point that it was the phone number two route after Sunlight TV. The credit for this, Raj gave to their Friday night blockbuster movies. However , the claim had sparked off a scramble for the slot machine game. Eight months down the line, the top fight carries on.

Pointing into a survey started by The Indio and executed by TNS Mode (the fourth major market data group in the world), Raj TV has again declared its and second position in Chennai. This, of course , means that Raj is among the most preferred funnel after the proven leader Sunshine TV as well as sibling KTV. The TNS poll was conducted in Chennai amongst 230 people. According to the review, while a major chunk (77 per cent) respondents believed to be faithful viewers of Sun TV SET and 5 per cent viewed KTV, Raj was the hot favourite amongst four % television audiences.

Of the relax, viewership to get Vijay TELEVISION and Sumangali Cable Eye-sight (which likewise belongs to the Sunlight TV stable) was two per cent every. The other channels , including Jaya TV , put together statistics for only 10 per cent viewership, Raj claims. The survey suggested that 26 per cent participants watched tv for one to two hours. Only 13 % people stated they observed the funnel for more than several hours. Raj TV supported its claims to popularity with another significant aspect the fact that TNS review revealed. According to the survey, Raj TV may be the only channel besides Sunlight, whose daily serial positions among the top five most well-liked shows in Chennai.

The survey shows that Raj’s Geethanjali is the fourth most popular serial inside the metro. The top serial Metti Oli, number two Annamalai, amount three Kungumam and number five Appa are aired upon Sun. IREDATO Card Hi there, I bought a Card through my family member as per suggestions of RAJ TV Sales personal inside the month of June 09. The same credit card was personally hand taken to Australia. Upon arrival, i referred to as up raj tv according to their suggestions that the credit card needs to be stimulated and that they need the decoder box amount As per the tips again, i actually forwarded the number.

RAJ TV again came up with an email as below Dear Siva, Please send us the Receiving Field Number beginning with 045 or perhaps 027 ( 11 number number ) to stimulate the greeting cards. Thanks, S. Swaminathan. Mob: 092445 03555. I was after that told which the card provided was un-suitable and should provide only with RAJ TV supplied decoder box. How in the world can RAJ TELEVISION supply a card withouth any before purchase information on a customer of the RJA TV Supplied Decoder BOX Following insistant followup by my self, My spouse and i am even now to get the appropriate card. Extremely Disappointed with RAJ TV SET and its Sales representative

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