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Their Eye Were Seeing God, Watch

Zora Neale Hurston enriches our feeling of her childhood world by using sensory language and manipulating readers view by articulating the contrast between her mom’s idealism and her dad’s realism.

Hurston’s diction and format come together to make a vivid picture of the beautiful Garden of Eden that organised all her needs. Hurston’s first measures into the town are identifiable by the “fleshy, white, great smelling blooms, ” that were also common to demand for inside the countryside, yet were something special to be taken care of up in the north. THese descriptive phrases serve as the inspiration Hurston creates to appeal to our senses. The repeated “plenty” of tropical fruits, entertainment, terrain, and space form the notion of a grand rewarding self-sufficient land, as alluded to the Garden of Eden, is a perfect community without sins, such as racism and bias. Her five-acre garden by which they were “never hungry” as well as held enough fruit being used as toys can be used to emphasize that as a child Hurston was provided for and taken care of. Hurston produces this feeling in order for readers to see which the perfect garden provided for her in the same way your garden of Eden provided for Mandsperson and Event. The biblical analogy will be shifted further when ever Hurston especially chooses a Northern apple to represent temptation and attention. Just as Hersker and Event were convinced with interest to eat the forbidden fruit, Hurston alludes towards the apple while the attraction that lead to the tainting of her chasteness in the North, that was at one time preserved on her behalf in her plentiful area. Hurston purposely compares her father’s cynicism and her mother’s confidence to develop the conflicting values of environment versus experience in her childhood life. By revealing Papa’s dreadful predictions of “white folk were not gonna stand for itsomebody was going to whack me straight down for my sassy tongue” and Papa’s “personal reference” on the subject Hurston effectively provides her dad’s history with white people. Hurston’s dad’s cynicism derives from his background experience of prejudice. Hurston’s Mama, nevertheless , is sheltered in the To the south and her comforting environment is the way to obtain her idealism.

Hurston’s mother’s positive outlook that promotes Zora to “jump in de sun” reveals that Mama is usually uneducated full of hope in her children’s future. The competing sights that effect Hurston’s child years provide a anxiety in her life that she failed to quite appreciate as a child, but actually will encounter in the North. Hurston starts with the innocence and romantic perspective of your life, but following her experience in the North the reality of racism creates a drastic difference compared to her idealized years as a child, The childhood portion of Hurston’s autobiography is usually written to explicitly exhibit her sheltered perfect back garden and the attraction to take off out into the North

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