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As being a tribute to its namesake, the Fernandina 88 Rooms at the heart of Araneta Organization and shopping center is a masterful blend of modern day and classical architecture. In the exquisite exterior design of home to the best details of every single unit, Fernandina 88 offers both creative flair and stylish style.

Fernandina 88 suites is designed to address the tastes of hardworking young professionals and business traveler who prefer the art of gracious living. This Fernandina 88 fits Owned and Operated by simply ALCAT Inc. 222 S. Tuazon Chaussee, AranetaCenterCubao Quezon City Thailand 1109. And we are affordable in 1, 2 and 3 sleeping rooms types of suites.

The mission eyesight of the firm is all towards the officers and staff of Fernandina 88 suites lodge dedicate yourself to provide peaceful harmonious and protected accommodation to the customer clientele and guests characterized by top quality suites. To this end the aim is to serve the guests in a fashion that would exuberate an excitement in service, and the name in the owner on this company is Mr. Joselito Alvarado. in addition to Fernandina 88 suites we certainly have 3 capabilities namely 1572 reataurant& ballroom located for 12th ground, the vigan conference area located by 6th floors, and exec hall located at 2nd floor building.

STATUS ANALYSIS ORGANIZATIONAL GRAPH AND OR CHART Benjamin Adriatico 1 . Raphael Araneta Antero Molave installment payments on your Jonas Robles Ramon Medina (Food Attendant) Ariel Cruceta Ben (Steward) (Steward) Yes the employees perform their work and responsibilities well within the restaurant, also all the workers in morning hours and nighttime shifts happen to be hardworking and responsible. All the employees and trainees are following the each day procedures and rules and regulations with the hotel. And prove to the guest we are always thrilled to serve these people and always laugh even were tired.

Every one of the uncommon equipments are working correctly, for me it’s a big deal since if these kinds of equipments have passed away or can be not working correctly it will not be simple to serve everyone or we all can’t give them the good assistance they want. Yes it’s very effective because In morning move i can begin with 7AM 3PM from then on I have a plenty of time to obtain rest internal. While the night time shift starts from 3PM-10PM WORK ATMOSPHERE For me the yes we can move and serve effectively inside the cafe because there is a major and large space pertaining to the guests.

And it’s not so difficult to move within the restaurant, it truly is design to support many friends at once. One particular for the am move and one particular for the pm switch are given to do the inventory every single day and all the stocks are enough every single day. And so when we need to buy we can just go to purchasing area to acquire what we require. 2 . We all always the actual bass away after the friends are done together with the dirty dishes. 3. Were always segrate all the utensils like place, fork, knife and teaspoon.

4. Use clean appropriate and neat attire when at work. 5. Keep their finger fingernails or toenails short and clean. 6. Do not use accessories or perhaps jewelry request they may drop into the foodstuff.

7. Retain hair neat and tidy. CLEANING THE WORKING AREA 1 ) Dining Area 2 . Bar Area 3. Buffet Place

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