A problem of cultural prise in society

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Social Appropriation


Cultural prise has been a factor in our society for decades. In society today, cultural appropriation is almost always discussed using a negative meaning associated with it. This exploration will help to additional develop the sociological point of view on cultural appropriation. The present paradigm upon cultural appropriation is that it can be neither accepted nor is it demonized. It truly is seen as a phenomenon that has been around for years, yet has recently be a little more prevalent in pop tradition. It is often associated with a negative meaning and its classification differs depending on community and environment.

Literature Review

Not all works of ethnic appropriation were made to have a bad connotation. At times, cultural appropriation is an innocent bogus of a popular action, thing, etc . that originated from an additional culture. Usually when cultural appropriation is definitely deemed wrong or immoral, it is because the action was seen as questionable by more than one individuals. (Young 2002) Inspite of cultural prise being suitable to additional races in that American can be described as melting pot and/or mosaic of ethnicities, it seems to be centered about Black and Light cultures. (Lemley 2007) However , cultural appropriation often comes into a off white area among not only “black” and “white”, but immoral and ethical. Also the negative meaning behind the term appropriation could be due to the terms association with power, typically at the price of an poor or marginalized culture. (Sinnreich, Latonero, Gluck 2009)

Analysis Question

I want to analysis whether race influences a person’s perception of what is or isn’t considered cultural prise. I also want to try to reveal the reasoning for the negative connotation associated with ethnic appropriation using a focus on the rationing of credit to get an action.


Data will be collected through interviews conducted over a two working day period. Half a dozen Black persons and 6 White people will be evaluated. The doze individuals will probably be between the ages of 18 and 30. The selection interviews will be carried out on individual days depending on the individual’s contest. Each individual will probably be asked a number of questions relating to cultural prise. The individual will be asked by least 3 general inquiries on how that they define social appropriation.

After these kinds of questions, the person will be asked a series of situations generated prior to the interview. The scenarios will be altered depending on individual’s contest. For example , a black person may be asked a circumstance where a white individual performs an action that could be seen as ethnical appropriation. A white individual would be asked reversed situation where a dark-colored individual performs an action that might be seen as cultural appropriation. There may be instances where the same scenario is posed to two persons of different contests. Each interview will be noted and at the end of the two-day interview period a general brief summary of the answers will be built. This synopsis will be offered to ‘s 12 persons during the debriefing for your research study and there will be 20 minutes of open conversation with the group. An additional brief summary will be obtained from the individual’s responses to this discussion and conclusions will be drawn from both of these summaries.

Some honest issues may possibly arise because of the focus on Grayscale White individuals. With the head of this exploration (me) becoming Black, it may well cause others to believe the results with the research will be biased.

Test Interview Schedule

Every single interview will probably be an hour extended and will certainly not exceed an hour. Day you will be devoted to the White individuals and Day 2 will be devoted to the Black individuals. The interview period will start for noon each day and will end immediately after the very last individual is definitely interviewed except for the 20-minute open debate period on Day 2 . In every interview, we will take notice of the individual’s respond to the situations and tag any very easily observed similarities between the answers according to this individual’s contest.

WORKING DAY 1 (White Individuals) DAY 2 (Black Individuals)

Noon: Person 1 Noon: Individual 1

One: Specific 2 1: Individual a couple of

Two: Individual 3 Two: Individual a few

Three: Person 4 Three: Individual four

Four: Individual 5 Four: Individual five

Five: Person 6 Five: Individual 6

Five to Five-Twenty: Debrief

Five-Twenty to Five-Forty: Open Discussion (All 12 individuals)


I believe that race does effect one’s understanding of precisely what is or isn’t deemed social appropriation (part a) plus the negative significance associated with cultural appropriation comes from the allocation of credit rating for an action (part b).

Part A:

I really believe that competition does affect one’s notion of precisely what is or just isn’t deemed ethnic appropriation. In general, each individual has their own own opinions about numerous issues, subject areas, practices, etc . Cultural prise is no exclusion, however , That stuff seriously race is important in this difference of view. For example , a Black individual may consider the latest dispute within the recent”or lately publicized”trend of “boxer braids” to be social appropriation. On the other hand, a White individual might argue that it’s not ethnic appropriation, nevertheless simply that individual trying a new style.

My perspective holds that no specific can say they are exempt from cultural appropriation. American culture can be stated to be a group of culture appropriations simply because of the countless cultures which have been present in America.

Part N:

I think that ethnical appropriation is definitely an issue not really because of the cultural appropriation on its own, but due to allocation of credit. Again analyzing the “boxer braids” issue, the primary issue seemed to be main stream-media giving The one and only kim kardashian credit to get the hairstyle. “Boxer braids” have been around for years, which can be what principal outraged the black community. It wasn’t so much that the White girl was wearing the hair, but rather a White girl getting credit rating for the hairstyle and the hairstyle to become trend because of it.


Social appropriation is a phenomenon that plays in the grey location between moral an wrong. Whether no instance of cultural appropriation is considered legitimate, proper, wrong, etc . depends on the person, environment, and private belief. The negative meaning associated with cultural appropriation could be due to the origins of the word appropriation. It could also be due to the issue of allocating credit for an action to the “wrong” party. Race does affect how one perceives cultural appropriation for the reason that some competitions are more marginalized than other folks (some contests are not marginalized at all).

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