A story of any girl that can make people smile

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Everyone has a story. And its that story, advantages or disadvantages, that can help transform another individuals life whether it be minor or drastic. The things i hope to accomplish, is to be thought of as reliable, genuine, trustworthy, and good natured. There will be often times during my life when I will move on via a job, from practice, from a career, moving on to new close friends, and in some cases giving old ones behind. I hope that when the individuals think of myself, and the previous and activities I had with them, that they can smile.

Starting off with high school, I would really like to be kept in mind as the woman who will make anyone feel better about their do it yourself. One of my personal biggest desired goals amongst my buddies, and people around me is to brighten up their day and make them feel good if its coming from a simple go with, pep speak, or just something funny or inspiring We said to them. I have been told that we have something special for making persons smile, which in turn feels wonderful to hear.

I also want to be appreciated for being trustworthy. To me, that may be one of the most important values within a friendship, or any relationship with anyone. In high school, That stuff seriously finding a true friend who may be trustworthy is very rare. Ive had a number of friends which may have gone lurking behind my back and said items that were unkind, or performed things to sabotage the a friendly relationship I had with them which has always been a deal breaker breaker to me. Because of that purpose, I have constantly held the values of honesty and trust dear in my heart, and assured myself that, no matter how hard it was, I would always keep individuals traits present and, hopefully in turn, become remembered for this.

Many people want to be kept in mind for their GRADE POINT AVERAGE, intelligence, looks, or their very own athletics, although those things only go as much as helping yourself. These things likewise dont assist you in the long run, so far as a career and future associations go. To my long term, past, and present co-staffs, bosses, educators, and classmates, I want to end up being remembered to be reliable. This is very, very important to me personally as well because as a college student, friend, classmate, and coworker, being unreliable can cost you that job or perhaps relationship you may have with those people in your life. Ive managed to get a point to always be on time, be trustworthy, genuine, diligent, and reliable. For this reason I have produced to have a superb relationship with my manager, teachers and other people that I’ve professional human relationships with. My teachers and bosses usually tell me just how reliable I absolutely am, and for that reason I have actually earned the packaging as a celebrity employee, together with the job i have now. Just for this, I hope to continue to be kept in mind for my personal good function ethics and reliability.

I need my account to be, a story of a woman who could make people smile because of great natured and sweet your woman was. I wish to be noted and kept in mind for my personal honesty, and just how reliable and trustworthy I am. These are all attributes that a number of my strict friends and some of the most very good hearted people I know have got, and these people inspire myself to have these qualities too. I want to be remembered as being a girl who have could make persons feel good, in addition to the grand scheme of things I want to just always be remembered as being a good person. If persons think of me and laugh, then I know that I have done a good task.

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