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From this essay Let me be looking at the play a taste of honey and searching at the factors of Jo’s character.

This kind of play was written in 1956 the writer Shelagh Delaney was only a youngster when the lady wrote this play Sue and Jo are mom and child and they are in tatty condominiums. Helen satisfies a man known as peter and they get married. Sue leaves would go to live with peter. Jo satisfies a boy who will be in the navy blue.

They dedicate Christmas with each other Jo gets pregnant and the boy leaves. Jo satisfies another young man called Geof and they create home with each other. Geof can be bisexual. Helens marriage breaks up because peter goes off having a younger girl. Helen comes back to and moves in and remove Geof and he leaves and then it is mother and daughter once again In the perform Jo is the main character because she is often present in the play.

In the play Jo meets Jimmy who is the daddy of her child and she also meets Geof that is bisexual and so they have a relationship, Jo also has human relationships with her mother Sue. Jo and Helen doesn’t get on well with one another and Sue leaves Jo at home once she fades in the perform a lot happens too Jo her mother leaves the girl gets pregnant, she lives with a androgino and her mother returns Thought out the play Jo’s character improvements at the start Jo is critical since she says with her mother “your knocking all of them back more serious than ever” she is capital and prepared as she says “I hate to see a great un-shaded electrical light bulb I will put my personal scarf around it”, “im not just skilled im jeanious” When Jo meets peter her character changes your woman becomes because she says “she’s jealous” she says this since she is jealous of her mother.

Jo becomes quarrelsome when states “I can’t bear to find out me getting affectionate with anyone” Jo also becomes annoying. When ever her mom Helen leaves Jo turns into resentful of her mother as states “you don’t half hit them backside these days” this is her being exacerbated of her mother. Jo is also hurt as her mother has left her the moment she says “you like to keep me alone” she says this kind of because your woman does not need here mother with her because this lady has hurt her.

When her mother leaves she also feels unloved by simply her mother. Jo alterations again once she fulfills Jimmy the girl becomes flirtatious when she says “I appreciate you” and when Jo says “I can’t resist myself”. Jo also becomes coy when Jo says “it’s my school girl complexion” and “anything might happen” Jo also likes focus because your woman did not get any appreciate of her mother.

Jo also says to Jimmy “you loved it just as much as I did” she says this kind of because she actually is getting the attention she desires. Jo character changes once again when she meets Geof she turns into insulting my own calling him “a big sister”. Jo also becomes cynical “it’ll always be number one by itself” and becomes frightened once she is intensely pregnant, the girl with frightened when ever she says “I don’t need this baby I don’t want to be a woman”.

Once Jo’s mom Helen returns she gets rid of Geof this is how Jo is within labour and becomes much less assertive when ever she says “are you coming back” Jo becomes retired “by baby will be back” she turns into less aggressive when she can’t argue back when the girl with in time. Shelagh Delaney uses remarkable devices to show the changes into Jo’s personality, the first one I will write about is usually Conflict and fights that take place among all personas; there are quarrels between Sue and Jo there is also quarrels and battles between Jo and Philip. When Jo physically problems peter this is due to he is acquiring her mom away from her. Helen and Jo have had another debate about Helens engament to peter.

There is also conflict among Helen, Jo and Geof when they claim about the care of Jo. When Sue and philip are gonna split up there may be arguments’s between them. It is to steer clear of conflict that Geof leaves to avoid turmoil as he is very selfless. In the play there is also a lot of comparison there are take pleasure in scenes juxtaposed with quarrels with Helen and Jo; Helen and peter and which Jo and Jimmy where i have heard it said “Will you marry me” and “I love you” and Sue shows wish to Jo “why don’t you lie down” which is one other love hate relationship Inside the play you will discover two completely different people Jo is scared, Critical, Determined and inferior; Helen can be Selfish, bossy, neglectful, and disorganized.

Additionally, there are 3 different men visiting the flat they are Philip who refreshments, insults, and it is homophobic; Geof who is bisexual, caring, encouraging, and hard working; and finally there is Jimmy who enjoys, immature, powerful, and reliable. In the enjoy there is a use of music and dance, every single character is definitely introduced with a music may suggest areas of there figure the music provides surreal result and can help gives the time gaps inside the play Use of dramatic unities is clear oneness of place is shaven when anything in the play is in of near the smooth people go to the flat, and leave. The sole person who remains in the enjoy the whole method thought is definitely Jo.

The unity of your time is clear the moment in the play everything happens in a year Jo moves from a school young lady to a working loving partner into a loving relationship to a parent or guardian. The unity of actions is displayed when the play comes full cycle. It really is cyclical that Helen and Jo happen to be alone in the flat plus the cycle of deprivation proceeds but there is also a new existence on its way.

Jo mirrors Sue in that they may have both a failed relationship. In the play the use of language reveals the elements in which cause Jo to modify; there are insults between the character types. There is also a make use of expletives just like “Silly Bitch” and “little bastard” and “sour confronted old bitch”.

The knowledgeable language of Helen shows her applying impressive language like when ever she says “The only summary I can find in your instant presents is definitely your supreme absents”. Jimmy also has an informed language when he has knowledge of Shakespeare. The social results manifest areas of Jo’s personality. Poor casing is clear in Jo’s character; Jo lives in a small 1 bed-roomed smooth and it has a shared bath room with the different flat. The flat is at Manchester and it is by the deliver cannel which can be polluted; the flat is usually by the gas works which usually smells, because of this the cost of housing in the region is low.

Helen provides a low salary as the girl with a prostitute and Jo has two low paided jobs. Geof has a student grant from your government and he makes clothes intended for the baby since it is cheaper than buying all of them. Helen is actually a prostitute she properly became a prostitute because the lady might have experienced no money and she also a new child to back up.

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