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Adolescence, Teenagers Development, Endocrine System, Anorexic Nervosa

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Research from Term Paper:

As Landis states:

Gardening societies traditionally have had no adolescent youngsters problem. Years as a child merges straight into adulthood. Inside our frontier society of a few years ago, the adolescent group was not acknowledged as a problem group. Young people took over the responsibilities of adulthood early and were accepted in adult tasks by the culture When estate, developed to the point where the adolescent had room in the operate world challenges consequent to delayed maturity brought to focus the teenage problem. The youth problem emerged later; in fact , it was not recognized as such in america in any actual sense until the depression 10 years of the 30s. (Landis, 1945, p. 26)

It therefore comes after that a many modern young problems in modern society can be linked to the way in which contemporary traditions affects teenagers in their move to adult life. There is a wide range of social forces that impact on the personality progress the individual and are also a central cause of the tension and turmoil in the teenagers search for identity.

Peter Blos also the actual crucial statement that teenage years is a period in which the youngsters revive almost no actual support. He states that the central trauma in personality expansion that is commonly experienced in the sense of having no direction and becoming ‘lost’. Essentially the period of adolescence have been equated with an existential problem of meaning and identity

In Western world there are not any such social recognitions provided neither to the gradual process of growing up nor for the significance of puberty as being a stage of maturation. The adolescent comes from a social no-man’s-land among a protected, socially irresponsible childhood and an independent adulthood in which he could be suddenly to consider the full required maturity. The culture is indeed departmentalized that a special institution outside the family, namely the school, is set aside to prepare children to acquire the powers, largely the perceptive powers, necessary for eventual adult life. (Blos, P. 1941. p 262)

This in turn leads to a number of psychological and persona developmental problems. These are mainly related to problems of self-pride and personality and include anoresia or bulimia such as anorexic or hambre as well as substance abuse and other related symptoms of the adolescent in search of meaning and identity.



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