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Excerpt from Research Pitch:

BlackBerry Storm includes a narrower focus on group, possibly the working class individuals within their late twenties to mid-40s. The homey look of the office and dialogues in the VO further more reinforced this kind of profile with the product’s concentrate on group, considering that the VO is usually clearly not Internet-savvy and never highly familiar with mobile phones, while suggested by the line, “what the hassle is all about. ” This implies that while the person knows the BlackBerry, this individual has not attempted this kind of item yet (i. e., Cell phone smart phone). The Nokia N96 lacks clear positioning, because it goals Chinese consumers in general, using the movie star icon Bruce Shelter as its “key” to elevating the product’s relevance to them. This is understandable, even though, since Nokia is ‘testing the water’ on how to target a market that is certainly complex rather than yet well-defined, at least from the point-of-view of United states and Western european companies.

The iPhone advertising demonstrated higher involvement while using viewers due to its direct method of selling the merchandise, enticing individuals to try it simply by showing all of them its features. BlackBerry, meanwhile has smaller involvement compared to the iPhone ad because the ad is situational and covers the experience of an individual. But there is still significance to the visitors in that that they identify with the speaking in the ad. The Nokia ad has the least involvement, mainly because it centered on Generic Lee only (although it could be argued that since Lee epitomizes Oriental pop tradition, he then presents Chinese customers in general). Moreover, the Nokia ad does not immediately link Shelter with the item (N96). The key objective of the ad is always to immediately set up a connection between Chinese viewers/consumers and Shelter, then hook up Lee with Nokia, in which eventually, Nokia will with any luck , establish a relevance link among Chinese consumers and N96 through more information contained in the LINK it provided at the end from the ad.

Among the three (3) ads, Apple’s iPhone ad is the most powerful, followed by Cell phone Storm, and finally, Nokia N96. Apple iPhone is most effective because it has a obvious positioning and target market in mind, and this provoked a need in the audiences by concretely showing all of them the benefits of purchasing the new product. BlackBerry placed second because it did not provoke a greater need for a BlackBerry Tornado; the ad mainly spurred the viewers’ curiosity although did not convert this curiosity to a need, to make the audiences want to buy and still have a BlackBerry storm. Nokia N96 suffered with poor industry positioning; consequently , it was unable to clearly communicate what benefits the new product can provide for the viewers/consumers. Bruce Lee as a Chinese and movie star icon may have established relevance and familiarity to viewers, nevertheless the lack of advice about the benefits of the item – actually the lack of link between Lee and the merchandise – did not evoke a purpose to buy the modern Nokia N96.


Iphone ad:

BlackBerry Tornado ad:

Nokia N96 feat. Bruce Lee advertisement:

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