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A Lady of Words and Bed Among the Lentils are monologues about two lonely character types in the late twentieth Century. Miss Ruddock is definitely an ordinary middle-aged woman who have an obsession to write albhabets of issue so it arrived her in trouble. Susan is definitely the heroine during sex Among the Lentils, she is a vicars partner and an alcoholic.

Leslie lives in a loveless marriage and firmly disagrees while using role from the vicars better half, she lacks love and attention by her spouse. Susan in dissatisfied with sex in her matrimony rare and desiccated conjunctions that happen between Geoffrey and myself and cannot stand Geoffreys fun club wonderful ambition and career. On the other hand Geoffrey protects for her although everyone is aware that she is a great addict. Susan is not really religious and doubts that even her husband is indeed a believer. Everybody in the parish ignores her, even the bishop refers to her as Mrs Vicar. As an outcast the lady drifted to alcoholism and later to adultery. She even failed her own perspective of her old age nevertheless excused herself with inadequate the temperament.

It is uncertain why Susan started a great affair, was it to get back for Geoffrey or perhaps lack of sex or even just out of drunkenness? She found sexual satisfaction and even revealed some fascination in Mister Rameshs religious beliefs which might imply that she disagree with the basic of Christianity. Susan does help to make odd feedback about Christ You by no means see picture of Jesus smiling, will you? It seems that she’s searching for an excuse to drink and Mrs Shrubsole is as great as any. Naturally that the girl with trapped and unable to get way out, having and the affair are only additional weight on her. The awakening point is when ever Mr Ramesh suggested that this would be wonderful to try sex while she is dry. Susan joins AA. Soon there is a change in her outer overall look but inside she become even more isolated. Mr Ramesh is gone and Geoffrey is definitely using Leslie and her fight with the addiction while his accomplishment hoping to accelerate his profession. Susan ended up worse than at the beginning.

Miss Ruddock is a guardian of local community, producing complaints to everyone regarding everything. She actually is very classic and prejudice evens a racist. Irene does not mean to get destructive nevertheless being a busybody she did make some wrong accusations and ended up in prison. Your woman did look after her mom until her death and stayed solitary since. Irene is a virgin and does not demonstrate any involvement in men or perhaps sex. She is snobbish We never explained she may call me Irene. She has a little contact with people, also does not understand how to swear.

Her compulsive writing is her way to be a part of society, her only exposure to outside universe. She should not go along the progress, noticing that policemen wearsglasses or perhaps that others who live nearby do not have curtains makes her an outsider. Unfortunate disturbance about your child across the street and credit reporting about a policemen-spending time at No. 56 landed her in prison. Ironically she discovers a flexibility in the penitentiary This is the first taste of freedom Ive had in years. Irene needs to be necessary and aiding Bridget to deal with killing she gets on mind gives Irene happiness. Relatively she is an amusing and interesting character, the happiest from the all Discussing Heads.

Irene changes her situation whilst Susan slept trapped. Leslie is edgy and had turmoil with herself too, Irene just should not help yet tells what she thinks about everything that goes in her avenue but lure to leap to bottom line. We have a pity party for Susan because since she explained she wound up with two churches, sadly the girl was unable to break free. Irene has cheerful ending even she is in prison but she identified herself presently there.

Monologues tells us more regarding the personas then they need to tell however it is also a one-sided tale, other personas might be completely different. Obviously Bennett has some disagreement with cathedral, police and social solutions, his monologues clearly shows a review about them. He uses simple but striking words to give very strong transactions, he can really describe thoughts of depressed and even psychologically disturbed figure. Bennett is definitely brilliant and has quite strong narrating abilities, the tragic-comic Talking Heads are full of paradox but it shows us simply how much isolation there were in late 80s. Sadly there may be even more at present.

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