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Every Quiet for the Western Front shows the change in behaviour of the males before and through the battle. This story is able to represent the overwhelming effects and power battle has to damage the human nature. Starting out giving youre home and family members pr g and ready to fight for you country, to winding up tired and scarred both physically and mentally further than description.

At the start of the novel nationalist emotions are present through pride of Paul plus the rest of the young boys. However at the end of the war it is obvious how unnecessary war in fact is. *All Calm on the Western Front is known as a novel that greatly helps in the learning the effects conflict. The new best reveals the attitudes of the soldiers before the conflict and during the war. Prior to war there are high probe and growing nationalist experience gs.

Through the war however , the soldiers discover the stress of war. They realize that it is a stupidity and their chances of a job of their life fly even more and further apart. The continues to be of Paul Baumers firm had transferred behind the German entrance l ha sido for a short rest at the outset of the story. After Behm became Pauls first dead schoolmate, Paul viewed the older generation bitterly, particularly Kantorek, the educator who certain Paul great classmates to sign up the military. While they tau t that obligation to ones country is the best thing, all of us already that death-throes are stronger. And that we saw that there was nothing of their world left. I was all at once very alone, and alone we should see it through. P. 13 Paul sensed completely etrayed. We could make ourselves cozy and sleep, and eat as much as we can stuff in our bellies, and beverage and smoke cigars so that hours are not lost. Life is short. P 139

Views of death and having more comfortable using their destiny inside the r became more obvious throughout the novel. Paul manages to lose faith in the war in each passing day. * During the book it was evident that the conflict scarred the soldiers forever mentally. Everybody was scared to venture to war in order to started. Fresh recruits had been first dispatched because the experts knew they were going to keep coming back dead. Whenever we run t again, even though I am very thrilled, I abruptly think: wheres Himmelstoss?

Quickly I hop back into the dug-out and discover him using a small scrape lying within a corner posing as wounded. P 131 Even the big males like Himmelstoss are scared to go te. He is in a panic, he could be new to it too. However it makes myself mad that the young recruits should be out there and this individual here. L 131 The soldiers were being crushed and seeing items get demolished, but because they had unattached themselves they will thought capital t y could actually handle that. We believe in such things no more, we believe inwar. P. 88 That was Pauls slogan.

Although, while time continued he began to realize something isnt right. He tried to exchange these feelings with enjoyment, so he spent the ight with the French women house. After he just felt even worse and unfulfilled. we are raw and sorrowful and shallow I believe our company is lost. P123 When Paul realizes that individuals are all siblings, true mental struggle is observed. Comrade, Some ant to kill youWhy do that they never show you happen to be poor demons like us and that you have similar fear of deathIf we could just throw away these kinds of riffles which uniform you can be my brother S. 223-224. The apparent enhancements made on views on at the war is becoming extremely obvious.

In a war there is obviously apparent physical scars. Because seen over the entire publication, the destruction of conflict is great, in not only lives and home, but also on the individual spirit. The young men through this book along with those of the changing times were subjec to physical torment. Sight were blinded from these kinds of sights because, limbs being blown away, blood going everywhere, and innocent men dying in agony.

When soldiers have shelter in the graveyard, bombs explode all around them, the living hide in coffins and th lifeless are tossed from their graves. The destructive power is indeed great that even the critical differences among life and death turn into blurred.

Every Quiet for the Western Front is a book that described World War I as it actually was. It is able to display all aspects of the actual conflict. It informed the truth and showed the effects it had for the human spirit and views of war. It commenced with satisfaction and at the ed with agony.

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