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George W. Bush

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Trial Simulation (Jury)

Article Versus: Illegally misspending funds to secretly commence a war of aggression

In 2002, Bush applied around $2 billion that was formerly allocated simply by Congress pertaining to Afghanistan and used it to make bases in Qatar and also to prepare for the war in Iraq. This one action violated the War Powers Action and Content 1, Section 9 from the US Metabolism. However , it can also be argued that Bush got no choice but to illegally have funds in order to expedite the preparing for conflict against Iraq. Bush had strongly presumed that War was a elemental threat and took activities to prevent a potential nuclear warfare, but in so doing he broke several laws and regulations that bring about removal coming from office.

Q: Was this the only amount of money that Bush unlawfully used or did this individual use more than what is stated? If therefore , were these kinds of funds considered illegally as well?

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Article VII: Invading Iraq absent a statement of warfare

Document 1, Section 8, Terms 11 particularly states that Congress alone can declare war against a country, a legislation that Bush violated if he illegally designed a war against Iraq with no declaration of war via Congress. In October 2002, the image resolution passed simply by Congress did not give the Chief executive the power to declare conflict, although his powers were expanded. In March the year 2003, Bush began war against Iraq without the authority. However , it can be asserted that Rose bush had to kick off war instantly because he strongly believed that Iraq was a nuclear menace. Due to this belief, he might have felt the need to bypass congressional authority, specifically since it is known as a long process. Likewise, seeing as the way the last period Congress reported war was for World War two, and there are many wars since then, Bush might have sensed that Congressional approval was not an absolute necessity.

Q: Why did Bush want to circumvent Congress and launch a war? Was it because Congress did not share his views on Korea or as they wanted to launch a war quickly?

Content XXIX: Conspiracy to disobey the voting rights take action of 1965

Rose bush is being offender of barring several neighborhoods in Ohio from voting by providing a great inadequate volume of voting equipment and generally rendering it more difficult to vote through means of violence and false information. Furthermore, forty two African American precincts in Columbus were lacking were every single missing one voting machine that were present in the 2004 election but are missing in the 2008 election. However , it might be argued that the lack of voting machines is definitely not underneath Bush’s jurisdiction but rather the various voting committees that disregard the elections. Likewise, the lack of voting machines inside the African American precincts could just be a result of seeking reparations or perhaps replacement. Furthermore, there is no information provided for the condition of voting machines in White precincts so this could simply be a bias in presentation of information.

Q: Is there any reason why Bush would stop African Americans from voting in the 2008 election, especially since he can not even working for Leader?

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