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The publication Always jogging back by simply Luis Rodriguez talks about the hardships the fact that author him self had to endure while developing up as an immigrant. The writer who is likewise the main persona in the book goes further to describe elaborately just how he was required to join bande while growing up due to the hardships that he was facing being an migrant. This way of living ended up producing him susceptible to gangs as they was needy. According to him these gangs had been the only method to obtain security and belonging therefore he had zero option getting started with them. Down the road in the book, Luis realized the gang your life did not present him anything good aside from a path to his loss of life or jail. This lead to him planning to be free from that kind of existence and the contemporary society because that life was attached to that and business lead a better course. The affects that these gangs have are so broad to an extent where his son is also sucked to the gangster life by joining the crime lifestyle of Chi town. Additionally , the book includes a number of intercultural communication ideas that are outstanding and they consist of racism and micro cultures. These principles have had all their impacts on society throughout time and the only home for points getting better lies on equal treatment for all.

Notion of racism

Racism can be defined as a predicament whereby 1 racial group is dominating over an additional. In this sort of society, the race that is favored is able to access better facilities and Rodriguez offered a number of good examples where this concept could be witnessed. For example , whilst he was at school, the different children could bully him due to the fact that he was Mexican. The actual it more serious is that Luis grew up together children although things are even now the same pertaining to his boy because he is still being teased. As it can be seen in the story and also actual life, racism features always resulted in the coming up of neighborhoods which might be characterized by poverty and crime. For example , the author and his friends and family lived in these types of neighborhoods. These kinds of areas are definitely the sources of crimes in metropolitan areas thus ultimately causing resentment from the inferior race by the excellent one as the discriminated persons always engage in crimes plus they are the ones who are the targets. If only the contemporary society was covering enough to everyone, then a society would be way better because there would be jobs which can be well paying out hence reducing crimes.

The concept of micro-cultures

The micro-cultures arise because of the resentment that exist between the excellent cultures as well as the inferior types leading to the discriminated types forming micro-cultures which are mostly criminal gangs like Chicago gangs. These gangs have proved to be a menace with regards to security in these areas. From the given information, it can be observed that micro-cultures refer to groupings that can discover themselves between a larger remarkable race and like in the book, “Always Running” these groups generally cropped up as gangs. Taking example of Chicago, the gangs in this area existed since 1930’s and the activities, mostly crimes, by these gangs will be mentioned through the entire book. The writer himself had not been left out, he joined the gang Todas las Lamos which has been very notorious in increasing violence in the area. For the immigrants, in such a case the Mexicans, the gangs were a good thing because they will provided identity and help to get coping with life in a nation which racism was uncontrolled. However , regardless of the idea of providing identity, these kinds of gangs engage in criminal actions and the author, Luis, identified himself in jail due to these activities.


The book Often running simply by Rodriguez provides a clear photo on the kind of life that immigrants of the Mexican beginning go through and what they do for survival. Their particular struggles to survive is what brings about these immigrants joining gangs that have proved to be a manace. However , these kinds of gangs crop up due to the existence of intercultural concepts like racism and micro-cultures where the author and also other members of his community face during their lives. One lesson that can be discovered from this publication is that, sometimes, how we take care of people will usually influence the actual become. We all cannot condemn the foreign nationals while at the same time were the ones mistreating them also because of this, they try to find ways to survive and fit in the same as the rest. These types of concepts experienced their impacts on world throughout some the only brand name things getting better lies in equal treatment for all.

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