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Adrienne Rich was an American poet, essayist, and feminist. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland on, may 16, 1929. Her operate the literature field produced her well-known and allowed her to own National Book Award for Poetry and many more. The composition, “Living in Sin” was written during the 1950s and became quite popular during this period. Her remarkable work serves as a perfect example of how the reality of human relationships can never be perfect, going out of one to search for something better. The woman through this poem fantasized and expected a perfect romance by dreaming and expecting that her relationship will not ever have difficulty and hardship. However , down the line her imagination backfired, and the reality took over. Adrienne Rich uses colorful language with the participation of an extreme choice of diction and rhetorical devices to adequately explain the unhappiness the woman is usually facing in the poem.

Rich begins the poem with two lines that immediately shows the audience the woman is currently in a condition of regret and misery, woe, anguish because of her relationship. The first two lines from the poem begin with, “She acquired thought the studio will keep itself, no particles upon the furniture of love” (1-2). This quote shows that the lady pictured an ideal relationship at the start, but as period progressed, problems and issues started to happen making her lose interest and affection with her partner. The author performs a wise decision by using the word “dust” as an alternative for complications in the poem. Once problems and issues occur in the couples romance the love begins to fade as well as the woman is no longer interested. The word “furniture” can be explained as the lovers life or their relationship making the first two lines of the poem very meaningful. Applying colorful vocabulary, Rich produces a powerful message in her poem to demonstrate what the girl is probably facing.

The author uses an intense choice of diction showing the thoughts of the female in the poem. The following words, coldly and relentless can all be found in the poem. She uses these two thorough words to explain the womans thoughts and feelings that she is currently facing in her romance. The author also mentioned, “Meanwhile, he, having a yawn, seemed a dozen notes upon its keyboard counterpart, declared it out of tune” (15-17). This quote can be classified as a metaphor, Abundant uses the phrase keyboard in this metaphor to make a related connection to the lovers relationship. As the statement, reported out of tune can be referred to as the complications the partnership is currently facing. Another offer that was mentioned in the poem, “that morning light so coldly would delineate the waste of previous nights mozzarella cheese and three sepulchral bottles” (9-11). This kind of quote can easily best explain that the lovers relationship is no longer enjoyable and it is beginning to receive sour, just like last nights scraps of cheese. Wealthy also uses the three sepulchral bottles to demonstrate the actions of the female feeling downhearted towards her relationship which in turn forces her to consume three bottles.

All in all, Adrienne Rich’s composition, “Living in Sin” sets as an example of how relationships are unable to always be ideal. Nowadays, most relationships fail because once tough times arrive around the most of people give up and leave. The truth is, every relationship will experience difficulty, from youthful to aged, every romance will have all their ups and downs. The lady in the story expected to enter a lifestyle full of hopes and guarantees with her lover. However , when reality struck, the lady realized that job and effort has to be put out to have a perfect romantic relationship. Rich developed a well crafted piece of art by incorporating colorful dialect, an intense selection of diction, and utilizing rhetorical devices to completely describe the good feelings and thoughts of the woman in the poem.

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