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Film Analysis: First Contact

The film First Contact is indeed a example of what are the results when two cultures collide. It is the true story of over a , 000, 000 people in Papua New Guinea who had no idea other people existed outside the house their world. This improved when 3 white guys in search of precious metal, walked to their world. This kind of documentary covers the initial result of the people and how they recognized the white men, identifies the way the white colored men identified the group and shows how the group changed. This documentary gives a real glance at the situation through the perspective in the non-Western culture. In the content “Cosmologies of Capitalism” Sahlins argues the fact that impact of Western ethnicities on non-Western cultures has to be understood from your perspective from the non-Western lifestyle. The documented provides this focus, demonstrating how the people of New Guinea perceived the white males. Based on all their lack of understanding of the outside world, the people of New Guinea based their very own perceptions by themselves cultural understanding. They thought the white-colored men were their ancestors and forefathers, their skin area bleached white-colored from the sunlight, and that they were returning to acquire their our bones from the lake. The documentary includes these individuals of New Guinea recalling their particular experiences. It can be seen that that the persons of New Guinea now looks as if they are a Western tradition with recent shots from the people viewing them wearing Western garments and living as part of the higher global community. While this may at first seem to support the concept Western tradition replaces non-Western cultures a closer look shows that this is not true. In “Cosmologies of Capitalism” Sahlins describes Us citizens seizing the land at Hawaii and says that although it is accurate that Americans did seize the area, it is not authentic that “the course of Hawaiian history seeing that 1778 was governed by this outcome or perhaps that it comprised merely in the replacement of Hawaiian by hooligan relations” (Sahlins 414). The problem in Fresh Guinea is another example that supports this same idea. The creation of Westerners changed the tradition of New Guinea, but would not simply exchange their background. Instead, those of New Guinea see this change being a turning point inside their history. This kind of shows that Traditional western values have shaped their very own culture and shaped that significantly, but does not present that American values just replaced their particular values.

The documentary also shows the views in the New Guinea people in terms of money. The people of New Guinea where not familiar with the concept of funds as which represents value or perhaps with the idea of trade. As opposed, the three white explorers acknowledged trade because the way to great buy and did not question which the locals probably would not understand the process. The white colored men experienced the people of New Guinea improve them and paid all of them in covers. The residents attributed their particular cultural values to this, seeing the shells as a touch of good will certainly. In this case, funds is important inside the context that it is used to get individuals to do things. This is the basic notion of wages, the one that is normal towards the cultural values of the light men, yet unfamiliar to individuals of New Guinea. It is also noticed that the white colored men soon adapted their means of transact based on the culture of the people of New Guinea. The white men realized that their man thought was religious. They then applied this to find the people to carry out as they desired. An example is definitely when they needed the airstrip built. Instead of pay those, they applied their ethnic values, informing them it absolutely was for the purpose of bringing in a chicken whose

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