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1 . “The opposing team of the annexation of Texas and the Philippine War bitten slavery since the root source of expansion, in fact it absolutely was no more essential than other triggers. ” Measure the validity of the statement, using the documents and your knowledge of U. S. record from 1820-1860 to support your answer. Throughout the early-mid part of the 19th hundred years (mainly 1820-1860) Americans objected many things they will didn’t just like. Taxes, the federal government, even presidents were a few of the rejections with the people.

But the one thing those did not like during this time period was the annexation of Arizona and the Philippine War. “The opponents with the annexation of Texas plus the Mexican Warfare attacked slavery as the basis cause for growth. ” However , slavery has not been the only purpose America wanted for expansion. Other than captivity, people wished to expand America because they will believed in Manifest Destiny (an idea through the 19th hundred years in which persons believed that America should certainly expand within the entirety of North America) or since they terrifying that Tx was a completely independent state, even the Gold Run in Cal (1848-1855) written for the enlargement of America.

Even though “the opponents from the annexation of Texas as well as the Mexican Conflict attacked slavery as the basis cause of expansion” the idea of Manifest Destiny, fear, and the Rare metal Rush had been other crucial causes intended for expansion. To be sure, slavery was the key purpose as to why persons wanted to broaden America, specifically southerners. Abolitionists (people who were against slavery) did not such as the idea that the expansion of America was based on slavery, but it was.

In Doc B that states, “Texas…will strengthen ‘the peculiar institution’ of the To the south, and wide open a new and vast field for slavery. ” A large number of southerners wished Texas being annexed to America as it would allow the south to obtain more servant states (states that allowed slavery). Nevertheless , people feared that in the event that Texas was annexed, captivity would increase everywhere in America, and they did not want that. Document C also discusses slavery.

This states that, “The servant population of America…must end up being increased. ” Texas is definitely annexed; it will eventually benefit the South in moving a lot of slaves out from the “superabundant servant population” and will ultimately improve the living conditions of slaves since they wouldn’t be since crowded. The thing is, slavery was an important cause of expansion, nevertheless the idea of reveal destiny was just as important. The thought of manifest future came about the first part of the nineteenth century. People who believed in manifest destiny believed that America should be able to broaden to the entirety of The united states.

In Record A, Thomas Hart Benson says, “…the American human population has begun to increase itself towards the Oregon [Territory]…I say to them, Go on! ” People like Mr. Benson want America to expand because they really want the world showing the world how prosperous America is. In Document Deb, John L. O’Sullivan stated, “A populace will soon be in actual occupation of Cal. ” In this document, Sullivan was discussing the California Gold Hurry (1848- 1855). Since many people on the eastern side of America have been completely hearing about the sightings of gold in California, many people made a decision to venture out to California to collect some of this. Thousands of people hurried to A bunch of states that it was presented the term “gold rush”.

The gold run allowed America to increase itself in to California, that was supported by the manifest destiny believers. File E likewise talks about the ideas of manifest success. It says, “We ought to have the These types of of San Francisco! Why?

Because…I think…our people [should move there]! ” The writer of File E certainly believed in the idea of manifest destiny because he wants to see people in S . fransisco, which is in California. The manifest future idea helped encourage individuals to have more pride in their nation, which allowed them to increase from the East coast of America for the West. Nevertheless , not every concept of expansionism was happy.

Other folks people planned to expand America because of fear. In Document F it states, ” non-e can fail to begin to see the danger to our safety and future peace if Tx remains an independent state, or perhaps becomes an ally or habbit of several foreign region more powerful than herself. ” After Arizona won its independence from Mexico in 1835, The state of texas could not cede the American Union as it needed to enter America having a free express (a express with no slavery) because of the Missouri Compromise (the Missouri Endanger was exceeded in 1820 in which explained that there would be no captivity in the Louisiana Territory above the 36th parallel).

Since there were no other towns to enter with Texas, Texas had to stay as a completely independent state for about ten years (1835- 1845). During that time, persons urged for the state to enter as a free state with Texas since, since The state of texas was not a part of America, it might do no matter what it wanted. Things like becoming a member of a different land or starting a conflict with America were alternatives that were designed for Texas. For this reason , many persons wanted Tx to join immediately.

Thankfully, Arizona joined with Grand rapids in 1845. You see, captivity was not the sole cause for growth in America. The thought of Manifest Future and dread allowed the expansion of America, however, Gold Run encouraged people to settle in California, enabling America to expand from your east coast to the western.

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