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Dad Tom’s Cottage

Written by Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1853 that highly influenced england’s view on the American Profound South and slavery. a novel marketing abolition. intensified sectional turmoil.

Mary Shows

for those who were illiterate, these were plays/shows acting out scenes of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, a large number of soldiers appreciated them by childhood, that motivated those to fight

Hinton L. Helper

Composed The Impending Crisis, a book about slavery. This individual said the non-slave having whites had been the ones who endured the most by slavery.

He was captured and killed simply by Southerners

The Impending Catastrophe of the Southern region

trouble-brewing book written in 1857 by Hinton Ur. Helper, trying to prove that slavery hurt non-slaveholding whites the most, used stats

New England Emigrant Aid Business

anti captivity organization that sent countless numbers to Kansas to prevent Southern interests there

Beecher’s Bibles

rifles transported to antislavery settlers in kansas by congregation Brooklyn, NY minister Henry Keep Beecher

Shawnee, Topeka

two areas Kansas authorities was create, first one for proslavery, second one intended for abolitionism

John Darkish

violent abolitionist who killed slaveholders in Kansas and Missouri (1856-1858) before his raid for Harper’s Ferry (1859), looking to incite a slave rebellion; he failed and was executed, although his martyrdom by upper abolitionists terrified the Southern.

Pottawatomie Creek massacre

In reaction to the sacking of Lawrence by pro-slavery forces, Steve Brown and a strap of abolitionist settlers killed five pro-slavery settlers in Kansas

Lecompton Metabolic rate

Pro-slave metabolism that got voted in for Kansas following anti-slavery persons boycotted the election, formerly voted “with or devoid of slavery nonetheless protected slaves already presently there

Blood loss Kansas

term referring the sequence of violent situations involving abolitionists and pro-Slavery elements that took place in Kansas-Nebraska Terrain. The question further drained the relations of the North and To the south, making municipal war certain.

The Crime Against Kansas

Sumner’s speech that denounced slavery and Retainer and resulted in his attack by Preston Brooks, extremely caustic

Charles Sumner

harsh and militant opponent of captivity, beaten which has a cane simply by Preston Creeks after presentation, collapsed unconscious and didn’t want to return to senate for a few. 5 years (seat kept open), sign throughout the north.

Andrew Butler

this Senator via South Carolina was singled out in Charles Sumner’s “Crime Against Kansas presentation for choosing the harlot, slavery as his mistress

Preston Creeks

A warm tempered Congressman of Sc took vengeance in his very own hands. He beat Sumner with a cane until he was restrained by other Senators. He later on resigned coming from his situation, but was rapidly reelected.

James Buchanan

15th President of the United States. He attempted to maintain a balance between proslavery and antislavery parti, but his moderate landscapes angered radicals in both North and South, and he was unable to forestall the secession of South Carolina in December twenty, 1860.

John Fremont

American military officer, explorer, the first candidate of the United States Republican Get together for school of President of the United States. First President candidate of any major part of run on a platform of opposition to slavery (lost election of 1856).


ex president the Know-Nothing get together nominated in 1856

Dred Scott case

Substantial Court circumstance which dominated that slaves are not citizens but are property, affirmed that property can not be interfered with by Our elected representatives, slaves tend not to become free of charge if they travel to totally free territories or perhaps states, supported abolitionist activity, hailed as success for the south

Chief Proper rights Taney

stated Constitution used on white males only, old-fashioned Supreme Courtroom Chief Proper rights who granted the Dred Scott decision

Stress of 1857

Economic downturn caused by over supposition of european lands, railroads, gold in California, grain. Mostly damaged northerners, who called for larger tariffs and free homesteads; worst a single psychologically

Tariff of 1857

Lowered duties upon imports to 20% reacting to a excessive Treasury extra and pressure from The southern part of farmers.

Abraham Lincoln

Mr. second best, One of the skillful political figures in His party party. Attorney. Tried to gain national publicity by discussions with Sophie A. Douglas. debates drawn much focus. attacks on slavery produced him nationally known. felt slavery was morally wrong, but was rather than an abolitionist. He felt there was clearly not an alternative to slavery and blacks weren’t prepared to live on equal terms as white wines. Won obama administration in Nov election.

Freeport Doctrine

during IL debate with Lincoln, Règle developed by Stephen Douglas that said the exclusion of captivity in a territory could be dependant upon the refusal of the arrêters to enact any laws and regulations that would safeguard slave home. It was unpopular with Southerners, and thus cost him the election. reacting to Dred Scott

Harpers Ferry

place Ruben Brown’s structure to invade the South with armed slaves, backed by selling, northern abolitionists; seized the federal system; Brown and remnants had been caught by simply Robert Elizabeth. Lee as well as the US Marines; Dark brown was hanged

David Breckinridge

The South’s pro-slavery Democratic candidate in the selection of 1860. Completed the split with the Democratic Party by being nominated. pro slavery

Constitutional Union Get together

also known as the “do-nothings or “Old Gentleman’s party; 1860 election; it had been a middle of the road group that terrifying for the Union- comprised mostly of Whigs and Know-Nothings, fulfilled in Baltimore and nominated John Bells from Tn as candidate for presidency-the slogan just for this candidate was “The Union, the Metabolic rate, and the Enforcement of the laws. 

John Bells

Presidential prospect of the Constitutional Union Party. He attracted votes away from Democrats, supporting Lincoln succeed. was a average and desired the union to stay together. After Southern states seceded from the Union, he urged the middle claims to join the North.

South Carolina

initial state to secede in December, 1860 right after selection

Confederate States of America

identity adopted by the 11 (7 at first) Southern states that seceded from the Union during the City War, met in Montgomery Alambama

Jefferson Davis

President of CSA, from Kentucky like Lincoln, “all we inquire is to be let alone

James Holly Crittenden

A senator via kentucky, whom attempted to type a compromise to bring the southern declares back to the union. accept legacy of Henry Clay-based

Crittenden amendments

made to appease To the south; said captivity was forbidden north of the 36 degree 30² range; south of these slavery was given federal safety; President Lincoln rejected these amendments. Last ditch make an effort to restore circumstances at thirty-six thirty

Simon Legree

the cruel slave supplier in Granddad Tom’s Log cabin

Uncle Tom

key character in Harriet’s Book, today 2 weeks . negative term for African Americans that don’t operate for their legal rights, etc .

Lawrence, Kansas

town that pro captivity people demolished and used up everything since an assault on the free soilers, started the Ruben Brown Bataille and eventual Bleeding Kansas

Marbury v. Madison

other Best court circumstance where judicial review utilized to nullify something (other one Dred Scott-Missouri Compromise)

variation, judicial assessment

only two ways to change the constitution, to get amendments will need 2/3 THE TWO HOUSES OF CONGRESS, 3/4 STATES RATIFY (today is 38)

vanilla applicant

term for a somewhat basic candidate, “basic not that distinguished but still electable (Lincoln is example)

compact theory

declaring that the creation of the region was by using a compact by simply all of the declares individually and that the national government is consequently a creation of the states, Southern debate for inertie

home determination

the proper of people to pick their own type of government, Southern region say they are like patriots of revolutionary battle in throwing off suppressive force, have right to keep

the southern area of nationalism

The concept the southern would come to be its own nation like, it is how they started to be the confederates, don’t need to be dependent on North at all (banking, etc)

Lincoln-Douglas debates

During the competition to become Senator Lincoln asked to have multiple debates with Douglas. Certain topics of these debates had been slavery, how to cope with slavery, and where captivity should be allowed. Although Lincoln subsequently lost the election to Douglas, having been known throughout the country because of the debates.

American Get together, Know-Nothing Party

Developed from your order with the Star Spangled Banner and was made from nativists. This kind of party was organized due to its secretiveness and in 1865 nominated the ex-president Fillmore. These super-patriots had been antiforeign and anti-Catholic and adopted the slogan “American’s must guideline America!  Remaining people of the Whig party likewise backed Fillmore for Leader.

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