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Sick Matched Lovers, Massys- You will see how people have gotten away from religion, there is gambling, drunkenness, and prostitution. If you look close enough you are able to view a man thieving from the guys with the lady on his panel. It is easy to see how it can be applied today. People pickpocket others all the time. People are greedy and do not care anymore.

Death of any Miser, Bosch- It was created in 1500 and this shows how persons in this age are to concerned about possessions. Bosch is just looking to get the people to appreciate that your possessions will not select you in the after lifestyle. All you have excellent deeds. I think it can connect today because people spend most of there money on vehicles and big houses but they ignore the people living on the street or maybe the orphans.

Little Crucifix, Grunewald- it is an sort of the upper renaissance in some ways. The first is by the way it can be painted and in addition with the religious factor. With all the materials utilized to paint this you can notify it is through the northern renaissance. The dark areas drawn on the wood. The blood dripping coming from his foot. Amazing details is placed into this piece of artwork. Cusa states the value of religious signs in his theory. And many will be evident including the dog to the right from the cross.

Annunciation, Jan Vehicle Eyke- the dove, the trinity while using lights over a dove, her crossed arms, the overhead on the numbers head. These all relate to Christ and the revival. Some of these icons represent the greatness of god and how people could be saved.

Four Dancers, Degas- it looks as if they are dance together away of a forest and they wait for a other to perform the approach for them to move. It the actual dancers seem like they are part of a forest and one particular with mother nature. It shows how naturalistic people are. By the yellows and greens utilized. People could have more time pertaining to ballet mainly because less time can be spent in church. People are becoming much more materialistic.

Givera de Benci, Leonardo ag Vinci- she looks extremely important but yet incredibly sophisticated. Your woman seems like the girl knows that she actually is better then everyone else. The girl with also portrayed to be smart because she’s drawn as part of the tree. The ancient greek philosopher is related due to colors and just how nature is a direct backround of the piece of art.

Puellae, Abakanowicz- the musician saw this kind of first hand. Your woman shows that the regime was rutheless. What is more innocent then the female child. Most people would say nothing. And that is why the girl uses these people. She taken out the heads because your woman wanted to retain their identification safe yet also it was thousands that died and she can never put everyones face up.

House 1, Lichtenstein- it looks like a animation when you see the colours and the way the house is made you have this sense of any cartoon. This individual outs issues that would normally be digitally animated in reality. He’s a very wise, cunning person.

Andy Warhol- Warhols concept was to show that people have to get back to the table and make food time special. He doesnt believe in producing something like soup which should consider all day for making into a can easily that at home cooks up in a few minutes. Warhol did not like industrialization because he observed how it took away from the relatives. Warhol is aware of the most important part of life is friends and family.

Jasper Johns- I selected the white flag because it makes you think of how important the red and blue can be. Our banner stands for a great deal that it merely is not the same with out the colors. Jasper served inside the army and this is why he decorated so many flags because it supposed so much to him. St?lla till med ett wants to put attention about way the flag is created as opposed to when it was shown.

Eugene Boudin- I chose the Festival in the Harbor because at the time you look at it the importance of the see to the people of the time is shown. I picked it as a result of his use of color and detail. These people needed things come through the port since it was how many manufactured money. Without ships operate would be almost impossible. His message is usually to show the significance of the sea and what it does for individuals.

Lavender Mist- he would consider these an item of chance mainly because they simply happened. He did not intend to put them in it just kind of happened. People today just take items a day each time. They realize that they have simply no control and this things happen for a reason. I think it is an action art work because all of the random items that happened. It puts everybody an integral part of it because if somebody throws anything it stays that is what is so great about the painting.

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