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“Refugee blues is 1 of the poems authored by W H Auden. It truly is about a unfortunate and horrible plight of being a Jew in the incorrect place on the wrong time. Obviously, like a refugee, the couple provides lost their home, their country and their personality. The melancholy feeling comes in strongly inside the blues ” a sad track. Though the poem is about a couple of people for a particular amount of time in the past the thoughts and feelings in the poem’s narrator might be a lot like situations in any part of the universe 2day.

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This poem is set in Germany in 1930’s when the Jewish ppl were being persecuted by the Nazi regime. The poem commences by introducing a city with 10 , 000, 000 people in it. Some have the luxury of surviving in a estate; this is straight contrasted while using rest who are living for most disgusting conditions, ‘holes’. There is not even a ‘hole’ for this couple ” they are beneath the normal poverty series, the replication of the emotion, of having simply no room for ‘us’, makes it sadder.

“Yet there’s no place for us, my own dear, however there’s no place for us The next stanza shows how they are expatriate from their personal country and cannot return. They can find it in a map, can look at it within an atlas ” but cannot return. They are resigned to the fate whenever they say ‘We cannot take a look now’. The tree is usually an interesting image in the next stanza. The forest can go through nature’s cycle and appear dead by certain times from the year although can be re-born, can expand again. It can natural pertaining to things to receive a new opportunity every year in nature, to bloom again.

However , this really is contrasted with man-made paperwork that, when lost, cannot be retrieved: ‘Old given can’t achieve that, my dear’. They then head to three places that they need support. The consul, presumably in an Embassy, treats them badly and violently bangs the table besides making a ridiculous statement: ‘If you have not any passport you aren’t officially useless! ‘ Aren’t he notice that they are right now there in front of him, alive, looking at him? The speaker’s peaceful and controlled response of ‘we continue to be alive’ the actual reader affiliate with the presenter in sympathy.

Next each goes to a committee which was no good either. They will offered a brief help of a ‘chair’ although telling those to come back ‘next year’, is a way of proclaiming that they shouldn’t come back by any means. The frustration is creeping into the tone of the loudspeaker now: ‘But where shall we go today? ‘ They need support now. The coming year is way too late, Support is needed today. They are doing things effectively and at the general public meeting, all their next quit, they are demonized and o as a group of thieves because the panel member says ‘they’ can steal our ‘daily bread’.

The calm acceptance of the slur the actual speaker of the poem appear better if he states ‘He was talking about you and me’. Symbolism is definitely thick within the next stanza and the thunder that is Hitler arriving at kill all the Jews is known as a drastic difference in tone; is actually threatening, ominous, and lethal. The next handful of stanzas make reference to him noticing the world with a new perspective: is actually wrong that animals happen to be treated greater than humans and they wear wise clothes and also have doors opened for them (metaphorically they have got all the doorways shut in them).

The fish have time because they may have no rules, no faith, no national politics ” character is better than situations they find themselves in. Even the chickens are free to sing since happy because they like. The large sympathy all of us feel just for this couple is made up more in the last two stanzas: the hopes and dreams of just having one area in a building made up of 1000 floors is awful. This is contrasted together with the fact they are really exposed over a ‘great plain’ in cold conditions in the ‘falling snow’ with eight thousand soldiers looking for only the two of these people.

They have not simply been helped by any person but people want to kill all of them ” for being Jewish. The poem contains a rigid style concerning the make use of repetitions and a simple rhyme scheme. Throughout the whole poem there is a avoid as the author always repeats the words “My dear. Almost every stanza depends on a verb. The structure of the text is continued through the use of contrasting images: the mansions plus the holes, revealing the space between usual rich persons and Jews, the treatment of the Jews, who have can’t take part anymore to social your life.

The language employed is common, colloquial, informal, while the tone is definitely sad, retired and melancholic. Punctuation is employed effectively. the repetition eventually of the passage makes it even more melancholic.. The hypothetical loudspeaker, a German Jew, is involved about Jews’ conditions, concerning in particular destitute people, sociable differences. All those make the tune no less ominous. Death exists throughout and the poem ends with the image of the military looking for the Jews.


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