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The moment Harker recognizes the initially dim streak of the coming dawn mild imagery can be used to give a feeling of approaching protection. However , Harker then listens to the howling of many wolves. The use of onomatopoeia and the aural imagery adds to the atmosphere of horror. The violence from the wolves can be juxtaposed with safety developed by the dawn.  When Dracula hears the wolves he says to Harker Listen to these people, the children with the night. What music earning! The word kids adds to the horrifying atmosphere, Dracula reveals a great affinity with the wolves, when he likens these types of violent pets or animals to harmless children.

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The horror is definitely further increased with the phrase music juxtaposing the word wily. Howling is actually a terrible audio, often manufactured in a time of deep mental pain. Dracula likens the wolves wily to music, a beautiful audio usually connected with great joy. This emphasises how horrible the sound actually is. Dracula in that case says that city dwellers cannot enter the emotions of the seeker giving the reader a sense that Dracula is known as a predator. The moment Dracula says for Harker to sleep very well and fantasy well Stoker gives the visitor the idea that Dracula can intrude into Harkers dreams.

The metaphor My spouse and i am bushed a sea of wonders displays Harkers mixed up state of mind. This is continued together with the lines I actually doubt, I actually fear. Harkers listing of his emotions shows his internal turmoil. The utilization of short paragraphs increases the speed, in turn heightening the tension.  An atmosphere of mystery is created with the line strange night time existence by looking into making the reader problem why Harker is never up in the day.

The mystery can be further included in with the line I fear I i am myself the sole living heart and soul within the place. As Dracula is there with Harker, the reader wonders with what Harker says, but as well partially realises what this individual means, that Dracula has no soul. Pressure is improved with the line imagination must not run riot with me. If this does I am shed. This demonstrates that Harker seems he is heading mad and will go angry unless this individual tries to think rationally. This kind of adds to the puzzle, making you question whether what Harker writes is definitely real or simply a hallucination. This feeling is further enhanced while using line Let me say simultaneously how I stand, or seem to.

The fact that Harker simply cannot see Dracula in the reflect there was no reflection of him inside the mirror creates tension. This makes the reader question whether Dracula is just a product of Harkers fevered thoughts, or even more terrible, is Dracula real nevertheless without a reflection.  When Harker cuts himself and Dracula sees the blood, his sight blazed having a sort of demoniac fury, and he suddenly made a grab inside my throat. Draculas strange reaction to this normal occurrence the actual audience question who, or what, he is. However , when ever Draculas palm touches the crucifix

the fury handed so quickly that I could not believe that it was ever there. This makes the reader question if this really was there, or if it was a hallucination formed via a struggling mind.  When Dracula flung out the a glass he inhibits Harker coming from revisiting so what happened, or examining again to see if he can see Draculas refection. This stops Harker from making sense of so what happened. The sense of puzzle is emphasised by Dracula leaving with out a word, giving no explanation of his violent episode which is all-natural human actions.

Another inhuman trait is the fact Harker hasn’t seen the Count take in or drink. Every living creature need to eat and drink, leading the reader to question just how and so why Harker hasn’t seen Dracula do so.  The view through the castle has to be magnificent. The castle is on the edge of a horrible precipice and as far since the eye are able to see is a ocean of green tree surfaces occasionally busted by a chasm or the silver precious metal thread of your river. This idea of dramatic natural landscape typifies the genre. The pretty scenery even so shows that the castle can be far away by civilisation, Harker is by itself.

Stoker uses the repetition of the term doors to stress Harkers give up hope and raise the tension. This individual feels he could be a prisoner, I am a hostage! the personal pronoun conveying towards the reader a sensation of helplessness and lack of control. The affirmation mark once again emphasises his despair and fear as to what is happening to him.  In conclusion, in Chapter a couple of Bram Stoker uses a various different techniques to create a great atmosphere of mystery and horror. This individual uses various ideas that typify the genre of gothic scary, ranging from pathetic fallacy to the description of gothic architecture. Stoker uses all of mankinds greatest anxieties in this vintage, and the story of Dracula is sure to reach fear into peoples hearts for years to come.

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