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Based on the situation there are ethical problems which have been encountered. Integrity is the facet of living in the correct way whether by following laws which usually govern the nation or through habits that happen to be accepted by society. Having taken these types of into consideration right now a clear point of discussion about our subject kicks in. The topic is extremely sensitive to the generation because it affects youthful members from the society. The problem which involves those under 18 engaging in paid sex with adults is incredibly serious and necessary measures need to be taken to address these kinds of issue. These types of issue of sex between minors and adults is actually a major component to me as a social worker. There were a large number of ethical concerns which were encountered in these case of Xavier who is a small.

There was an instance where the taboo in the society was broken. The aspect of those under 18 paying prostitutes who are adults so that they can have sex with them is known as a big issue. Ias we all understand that prostitutes are not perceived well at the contemporary society they are accepted as out-casts who have bring awful image for the community. Therefore the kids which include Xavier breached the way in which the city viewed these types of prostitutes in addition to the process doing a taboo. It is not brought about teenagers to be running along paying cash for sexual. There is a excessive probability that the money employed was given to them by way of a parents.

According to the case, there is the corruption of the teenage morals. The reality of going around and influencing one another by the learners to buy sex from prostitutes is a total moral decay. The norm is unacceptable because the students socialized in a manner which is unlike what is anticipated of them. The prostitutes who allowed the children to have sexual intercourse with all of them knowing very well that they are under-age lack morals. The prostitutes should visualize their daughters doing the same act. They should have acted responsibly and denied them the opportunity to carry out sex and report them to police also anonymously. Operating in that way could have helped the fresh Xavier the troubles of dealing with likely Sexual Transmitted Disease and even possible Aids infection. The prostitutes really should have also guaranteed that the young adults wear a condom whether it was a must they take part in sexual activities with all of them.

An additional ethical issue visible in case is that there is minor file corruption error. Which must be addressed by simply teaching children well when they are younger. The children should recognize that such behaviours corrupts the mind and the heart and will just be led to downsides and bad grades. The aspect of a minor being dangerous needs to be dealt with by both teachers and mainly parents. The parents should follow all the materials that this teenage provides access to online. Such behaviours can be due to lack of proper monitoring and in addition education for the younger generation. The mother or father needs to screen what their children watch although browsing on the web because there are a whole lot of elements online which will corrupt your brain and soul of the kids. The parents should certainly ensure all their cable television are censored and in addition their home internet is closely monitored and sexual material sites happen to be censored.

According to my watch to these circumstance, there is an aspect of not professional behavior. These types of ethical concerns exist in the case the only problem is that I are not sure in the event prostitution can be described as profession. A lot of suggest it’s the oldest occupation in the world. The prostitute who sex with Xavier socialized in an not professional manner by having sex which has a client with out ensuring correct protection for instance a condom. The prostitute served in a careless way and can endanger the lives of her clientele. She may be endangering her life through such functions which can lead them to be afflicted with disease or even get pregnant to undesired and unexpected for baby.

Based on the case, identify ethical issue.

A great ethical problem arises when an individual is in a problem to select from choices. The agent or individual within our case is Xavier who had a choice to generate of both telling his parents, keeping quiet or perhaps seeking for support from an expert. The agent Xavier was having problems when urinating after engaging in unprotected sex with prostitutes. He previously sores on his private parts because he hadn’t sought medical help because his father and mother would know from it. He feared his father and mother because he did not know how they might react to the problem. Keeping calm had likewise affected him because the std was consuming him up he required help quickly. The option he previously was in search of help from your professionals who will help him advise him and keep magic formula about it.

Another key dilemma which in turn Xavier needed to face involved HIV and AIDS. He was at a crossroad because he did not learn how to handle the very fact if he had been exposed to the virus together not searched for medical help. Xavier was obviously a dilemma in such instance that he did not discover how to handle this news if he previously been contaminated with Assists. He likewise did not desire his father and mother to learn of such information which can be received badly. Having been hoping for the very best because he had no various other option but to just wish that he can HIV bad.


According to my presumptions, social personnel have an obligation of planning to correct this sort of wrong-doings inside the society. They will achieve thus by reporting such issues to the proper governmental body which are tasked with controlling the issue and bringing that to an end. I hope the social staff member responsible for revealing the case of Xavier reported to the college administration plus the policing equip of government in order that the prostitutes can be arrested. There are sections inside the law which in turn states the experts should record such acts to the responsible bodies in order that necessary measures can be followed to reduce such behaviors.

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