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It is yet to be seen whether alternative energy will at some point replace petroleum products or perhaps whether they will simply enhance the performance, cost effectiveness, and availability of energy in the future. BP’s move into option energy can help it to position itself as being a leader regardless of which direction the market chooses to go. BP’s move is practical from various perspectives. It seems sensible for a advertising perspective because it will help to increase BP’s picture to one that is certainly more eco-friendly and in line with current public intelligence. It will help this to make better use of organic resources coming from production to finish use of all its catalog.

One benefit that BP has over many of the other companies entering into the choice energy discipline is that they have experience in providing the needs of mass consumers. It recognizes the specialized difficulties of supplying energy to millions of people across the globe. The growth of the alternative energy industry will depend on research and development. There is a need to make energy that are more effective and cost effective for the average consumer. This research and development is capital intense, which makes it to expensive for many. BP has the financial resources and methods to develop technologies that will meet the needs of the industry.

Many essential oil companies see the green movements as adversarial. They find it as all are probably none, an “us or them” condition. However , BP saw points differently and has decided that the strategy to providing strength for tomorrow’s needs is in the partnership that combines traditional petroleum strength products with new alternative “green” ones. The ability to see things in another way is what allowed BP to turn into a leader inside the petroleum industry. This same attitude will also give it time to become a innovator in the option energy sector as well.

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