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Carlsberg may be the world is fourth largest brewing group, founded in 1847, is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Carlsberg is likewise the company is actually major ale brands. Carlsberg is well-liked in more than 150 countries around the world, to the best quality of all-cause almost all Carlsberg beer brewing. In time more than one hundred sixty years, Carlsberg parties good friends to lead 1. Whether they are derived from a sports bar the street Kodate, or perhaps clothing arriving fashion cafe, will reveal the passion of sports, a toast to share together.

Carlsberg is deeply love the associated with high-grade dark beer, the quality was excellent and relaxed, the palate can be rich soft. All since in the preparing process, Carlsberg adopted the full malt creation, cooperate with the country of origin provides the high quality normal water, combined with brewing under the genuine European preference. Sports support in Carlsberg brand approach of indispensable status. Carlsberg and basketball partner romantic relationship is Carlsberg proud traditions. To make this kind of tradition to handle forward, Carlsberg, more will continue to recruit European sports championship, get started from 1992 sponsored by England plus the world’s many fans just like the team ” Liverpool football club.

Dutch Holly Pierre Heineken beer organization was founded simply by Gerard in 1864. In 1971, Freddy Heineken as Heineken company Director. Under his leadership, Heineken company consists of a family enterprise development into one by the relatives holding joint-stock company group. Heineken ale into different European countries, and go all the way up across the ocean in United states, Asia, The african continent and Latina America. In 2002, lovely Aaron SOBRE carvalho throughout the region will be successful to the business President, Heineken company inside the global carried out a number of acquisitions. At present, Heineken beer in more than 60 countries and regions with more than 110 dark beer enterprise pool, the products much more than 169 countries and regional sales. This has a century of history of beer breweries has become the many international reputation of beer is one of the group.

Heineken company’s 4th generation replacement, beneficiary Heineken Came out in 2004 Forbes global rankings, $4. 6 billion 94th steering column. Effective bundled marketing communications is known as a magic weapon in thefastest-growing segment with the global big. In 1999, Heineken in global marketing within the input costs as high as the corporation year 14% of salary, about 815 million dollars. The excellently Heineken ale and entertainment, sports organic and natural combine, often in various international sports and music celebration in appearance. In several large tennis open, concert events and film festival, persons can see Heineken green identification. Heineken and it natural crystal, and vibrant green experience is definitely accompanied by music festival financed by time, sports competition in the world the pursuit of character, the pursuit of fashion lifestyle sharing.

Without doubt, Carlsberg and Heineken are all typical brands which is well worth doing some study. This newspaper just discussed and analyzed the two brands and provided some plans for others.

The Research of Carlsberg and Heineken

Info gathered by research carried out tells us that Carlsberg and Heineken have done an extremely realistic alternative in the promotion of the product listed below is a list of the facts learned.

The Current Condition of Carlsberg

Industry segmentation

With the development of economic system, high-grade customer place function, tend to become diversified, a large number of people put the business speaks, Private party, emotional communication was moved to western cafe or club, this to high-grade dark beer puts frontward more requirements. People need some cultural connotation of different ale. And Heineken beer regardless of in ethnic connotation, nevertheless also is alcohol content, preference, quality, and packing are merely cater to these kinds of needs. “Heineken this worldwide top brands provides seemed as if the bar lifestyle.

Target market

Get into China’s Heineken beer placement in high-grade beer market, target ingestion group is definitely medium and high profits levels and white-collar, it ought to be a very obvious, very targeted. Although Heineken beer target audience clear, will sights high income people, but also is not invariable, especially in

young usage group schooling. Heineken beer consciousness towards the young era of beer consumption ability in increasing, in order to prevent brand aging, young people market naturally become Heineken key battlefield: ought to close to younger customers, likewise cannot range love to beverage beer middle-aged, because the last mentioned is Heineken company’s main customer, and the former is definitely the core of future clients.

Market situation

While came into the China market, Heineken beer is definitely targeting high end consumption industry, so for the short term to build a wide range of distribution method is almost impossible, this involves the exact market placement. Because a large amount of business actions and this sort of target clients a chance to discover Heineken company, prompting those to choose Heineken brand products. They not simply have the demand of high-grade beer, can also for top quality, high-grade dark beer pay larger price. Therefore from the southern China region in, not too difficult to open the problem, and the southern China area has great transport system, which is not easy to transport of ale products is vital.

The Current Condition of Heineken

In China, also avoid the public carlsberg beer market fierce confident competition, will probably be 18 to 30 years of age crowd again segmentation, with personalized advertising means to meet the young group is more exquisite and needs. Carlsberg will stylish breath, good friends sharing soul, experience France’s new trend and so on towards the different requires of the Oriental consumers. No matter whether the fresh group market segments of digging, or perhaps the super high-end market technique layout, carlsberg through a effective single goods, the recognition of the qualitative change of every little constitutes a mickle.

Plans for both Brands

The summary of my study analysis is that current advertising methods are excellent for Carlsberg and Heineken and have been extremely effective over the past years but I think that there are some changes which can be made which will improve the profit of the business and increase customer commitment. Below aremy proposals: (1)to ensure that the standard of product, build the high quality manufacturer image Quality is the existence of the brand, buyer demand for the caliber of the products is considered the most basic demand on company demand, reinforce product quality management, and constantly enhance the quality with the products of consumer fulfillment is the philosophy and first step toward successful company. Beer organization must additional research marketplace target usage group about brand top quality and taste to unrael the, and accordingly increase and perfect the quality of beer, create the high quality of beer brand image. (2) pay attention to product packaging design

As a result of characteristics of beer usage, the product homogeneity is bigger, consumer spending more require a fancy to beer figure and benefit, thus providing become dark beer brand character and benefit propaganda means and tools. (3) to accomplish advertising

Because the ADVERTISEMENT displayed to the full product overall performance, properties, overall look, packaging, and so forth, increase the customer brand honnêteté, through advertising, can speed up brand interaction, promote manufacturer awareness and establish company image.


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