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Captain America: The Winter Enthusiast, has been labeled as a 12A and is an action-adventure science fiction film. Being a sequel and having already gained a group, the producers have decided to stick within the same guidelines factory-like, Captain America: The 1st Avenger, to ensure this film to end up being classified in a 12A too.

I think that this was done so as to ensure that they did not limit their audiences. The 1st movie was obviously a success using a gross of $176, 636, 816 with this classification, therefore with another film with the same certificate means that they can use similar marketing strategies because they previously got done to entice the same mass audience as well as try to use new ones to focus on their wider audience.

The trailer is acceptable for this certificate as it does not emphasise on the assault, but rather focuses on the aesthetics by using lots of medium shots and quick edits to create a perception of velocity and enjoyment for the audience to engage with all the scenes without making them truly feel sick whenever he too much blood vessels and gore. Having viewed the trailer the conventions reflect similar characteristics because those that came out in the miracle comics. An example of this is when we see Captain America (CA) ongoing to try and keep the public safe and out of difficulties in the same way that his personality does in the comics.

For many who watched the initial film/have noticed the truck or have go through or seen any of the comics they would be ready to see a wide range of guns and fighting views and physical violence throughout this movie. Therefore the producer will have to take this into consideration as by having a film with no violent moments and without the similar features to the comic would mean which it wouldn’t always be what the general public are expecting and may have an affect on their low.

Therefore the film would need to end up being classified at a 12A rating to become the correct license if the film intends upon including plenty of action and long fighting sequences as you expected by it is current and future target audience. The fact that numerous fight scenes will be obvious would mean that would be a feature for the young male audience since generally when ever boys are about twelve and up wards they want to regularly ‘play fight’ and redo deal with scenes taken from shows including ‘WWE’ and ‘Kim Possible’ so they tend to be the those people who are most interested in this type of film.

Saying that I actually don’t think the moves displayed in the trailers could be conveniently mimicked, nevertheless I uncertainty this would affect the imagination with the youthful guys. I think this film has a wider viewers and isnt solely geared towards young males. I would declare it is aimed at young girls also because of the attractive, Black Widow (BW) figure who works together CA to save the day. I believe that their particular audiences will be subjected among a link to how potential audiences may identify with the Blumler and Katz Theory.

For this I might say that the reason why this film also targets young girls is because BW is actually a character that young girls might look up to and want to be like mainly because she appears as somebody who is awesome and hot. Whereas young boys might also want to come along to see the film because of her beauty also. A female target audience of nineteen + could possibly be attracted to this film as it frames girls in a different light in comparison to how women tend to always be portrayed for adventure videos, as the full damsel in distress.

BW is played by Scarlett Johansson, who I would declare is a significant choice while she is praised for being a incredibly appealing woman who when appearing in movies never must be saved by anyone which representation is of interest to men and women, especially when she actually is wearing a limited catsuit. The character BW could also be employed by females in an effort to identify themselves with this kind of character and also as a way to socially interact with other folks to escape from their own personal human relationships and adore the romantic relationship between BW and CALIFORNIA.

This is a theory called social and personal identity a key strategy found by Blumler and Katz. More so, CA him self is a very eye-catching man would you appeal to females also different from Flat iron Man and other Marvel heroes as he has a clean minimize and his qualities are more moral and this individual appears more like a guys. Furthermore the film would also be appealing to adults who grew up reading the Marvel comics as it can be as if there childhood will be brought to life.

After looking at the trailer (01: 12-01: 23) you notice there is only average violence plus the scenes happen to be quick well-defined action slashes as oppose to long bloody intense scenes that make it suitable for this rating. For all these reasons I would say that classifying the film at a 12A is appropriate because it will be of interest of both guy and female viewers of about 10 25.


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