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1 . In the story, “Car Crash While Hitchhiking” the protagonist is definitely characterized as an incomer. Reason becoming, is because he could be he’s obviously a medicine addict who have wakes up in the middle of nowhere. That even pointed out in the story that he previously been to cleanse. He’s forgotten by the guys whom this individual did medications with. Evidently he did not fit in with many social organizations, and he had a hard time being accepted. As a result of him for being an outsider, I think that there is some type of event that business lead him to become an abuser.

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Maybe he was neglected, or perhaps he had a midlife problems. In the account, he implicated that this individual wanted to perish. As he said when he was inside the car and put every his bags on one area of the car and declared that he would not care if he lives or drops dead. Certainly this all man was living intended for was so that he can reach his ultimate paradis.

2 . The central theme in Leslie Minot’s brief story, “Lust” is working on vacant. Reason I chose this as the theme is basically because the leading part in the tale is seeks and she is in search for the right guy to fall in love with her. Yet, since she continues to be promiscuous actions trying to find the right one, she realizes that they most want her for one reason. She knows that they will just desire her intended for sex, every time she has sexual encounters with them she feels vacant inside later on. We know the girl with empty mainly because her father and mother don’t offer her attention, she has simply no family, and she merely wants her heart to get fulfilled. But since you examine throughout the short story, you realize all this promiscuity is her fulfillment. This is just what makes her content. Once she’s inside the act than it she has nothing to worry about, bc the love-making is popular and keen. She’s using empty because she’s gripping, riveting all these fellas with the satisfying attitude of not being cherished. And that is why the girl continues to lustful..

3. In the short story, “The Half Skinned-Steer, the story takes place a in Chicago on a ranch somewhere near your vicinity outskirts. The setting also causes myself to think that must be set in the 1900’s as a result of Chicago stockyards. In the short story, “A Good Guy Is Hard to Find” the setting with the story happens in The atlanta area, Ga, someplace maybe inside the city, or maybe the suburbs. The key reason why I believe which the setting is in the city or suburbs, is basically because it took the family 20 or so minutes to reach the borders of the town. You can also imagine the establishing of the account is in the metropolis due to how the family are dresses. Inside the story, “A Worn Path” the environment of the tale is in a rustic town Natchez, Mississippi on an early chilly cold morning on a route of pinewoods while the sunshine is growing.


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