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The poem commences with the explanation of the woods.

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The poet person says the creeper features wound alone round the robust trunk from the Casuarina Tree, like a enormous Python. The creeper leaves deep marks on the trunk of the woods. The shrub is so strong that it contains the small hold of the creeper. The tree is described as staying gallant, and possibly brave, since few other trees could survive in the strangle-hold of this creeper. The poet person then goes on to describe living that grows amidst every single facet of the tree. The tree is usually metaphorical said as a huge due to its enormous size, power and boldness. The Casuarina Tree is usually covered with creeper which in turn bears crimson flowers which will appear as though the forest is wearing a colorful scarf. Typically at night your garden echos as well as the seems to be heureux and the track has no comparability.

At start when the poet opens her window she is delighted to find the Casuarina Tree.

Typically in winters a grey baboon is observed sitting for the crest from the tree finding the dawn with her younger ones leaping and playing inside the tree’s hue. The darkness of the forest appears to fall on the huge water fish pond. Toru Dutt says that its not really because of the regal appearance from the Casuarina Woods that it is dear to her basis, but also that she along with her siblings put in happy moments under it. Toru Dutt has had out the theme of nature while something that stocks and shares feeling with humans, that lightens the duty on the center.

The poet person continues with a description of how strong the of the tree is, even if in royaume far away. Actually in Italy and Italia (where the poet studied), she can hear the tree’s lament. The poet person wishes to consecrate the tree’s storage and importance for the sake of those who find themselves now useless ” and looks ahead to her own loss of life, hoping the tree end up being spared obscurity (or that no-one will certainly remember it). she immortalizes the forest through this poem just like how Wordsworth sanctified the Yew trees and shrubs of Borrowdale. She says “May love shield thee from Oblivion’s curse’


Through this poem, Toru Dutt sings glories from the Casuarina forest and details it in more detail. On the surface area of it, it seems that it is about the Casuarina tree, but actually the tree is just a medium to link the poet’s past with the present. The poet person remembers the tree due to many cheerful memories of childhood days that are connected to it that are a way to obtain comfort and convenience to her internationally. The composition, therefore , underlines the importance of memories in human lifestyle. The tree brings to her mind the memories of your time when your woman used to perform under it in the company of her brother and sister, both these styles whom are actually dead. The memories of her sibling and sister brings cry into her eyes. The girl hopes which the tree will probably be remembered for ever as the yew woods of Borrowdale immortalized simply by Wordsworth continue to be remembered.

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