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In some ways, the individual soldiers in the field have greatest quantity of responsibility in terms of understanding and actually actuating the rules of engagement (ROE) within the limited war ideology of Vietnam. The others in the chain of command are responsible for deciding their activities, as well as the general military action of the United States within a martial face such as Vietnam. The individual troops are responsible for actually transporting them out. For instance, in order to was made a decision that the chief executive of one in the Vietnamese factions was to end up being assassinated, it was the individual soldiers in the U. S. armed forces that were truly accountable for accomplishing this deed. Nevertheless , there are others in the sequence of command that have a utilitarian position on the battlefield that can, at times, greatly resemble that of person soldiers. As an example, battalion commanders and department commanders could see combat – the likelihood the former really does so is extremely high, in reality. Still, those two positions in the chain of command and this of Basic Westmoreland are in charge of for contriving and performing tactics.

Typically, it is the job of battalion commanders to acquire individual troops in the field. They actually so quite literally and are charged with taking purchases from their managers and implementing them inside the theater of war. Battalion commanders may be supported on this factor from other folks in the sequence of command, such as colonels (Moore and Galloway, 2005, p. 100). From a tactical point of view, the battalion leaders must report the progress of their battalions (which, of course , contain individual soldiers) to their managers who will modify their strategies or stick to them appropriately. Similarly, the battalion leaders are requested with following a orders of their superiors and making sure that their particular individual soldiers do so accordingly. It is because of the existence of battalion leaders as well as the formation with their regiment the actions of individual military are cohesive and that, once on the battlefield, the U. S. army is able to transfer unity.

The division commanders during the Vietnam War had been tasked with overseeing the efforts individuals battalions that comprised certain divisions. Section commanders were key to the war efforts and to the chain of command in general because they could impact both tactical and overall strategic decision-making within this particular framework. From a trickery perspective, they were able to monitor the progress of the various battalions that have been involved in their very own divisions. Types of strategies include the strategic hamlets, which mainly failed as a result of tactical setup and social failures (Friedman). In this manner we were holding able to evaluate the methods of the competitors, as well as to see which tactical maneuvering for the U. S. proven most

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