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Actually, the subject of the story keeps growing up and how quarrelsome moms and daughters can be toward each other, however it goes much deeper than that. This is a story of a small girl trying to find her individual identity, and distance very little from her parents and the ideas. The young young lady defies her mother because she feels the need to be himself, but she hurts very little in the process. She never tried to be better or perhaps grow via her activities, and because the lady believes she actually is ordinary, the lady really is. Your woman does not drive herself or perhaps test their self in any way, so, she does not achieve anything at all. This actually only affects her in the end. Her mother is wise enough to know that she could have done more, but the girl stops pushing her to succeed. The girl takes a whole lot longer to know things, and by then, it really is too late to create amends with her mom. The ultimate theme of this story is a love between a mother and daughter, and how that love could be lost or forgotten often times.

This girl may be the “second” kind of Chinese child, the kind whom follows her own brain (Tan 353), and this is usually terrible to her mother. The storyline title can be “two sorts, ” and it identifies this portion of the story, both kinds of Oriental daughters, “obedient, ” and the other kind. This personality is definitely not the obedient kind, and that costs her in the end. Your woman loses a detailed and relationship with her mother, and she seems to lose the feeling of being special, one of a kind, and willing to try the euphoric pleasures. Not only that, she’s spiteful, and hurts her mother the deepest approach she may to show her own power. She gains freedom through the piano lessons, but the girl hurts her mother and the relationship really that they never truly regain it. She is ordinary, and that may give her power in her own head, but it limits her existence and her relationships.

This kind of character is a lot like many other willful children. Your woman does not determine what she has right up until she manages to lose it. Her mother dead before the lady takes the piano back, and that is the moment she finally understands the background music she was playing so many years ago. Exactly like she and her mom, the music mixes two components of music with each other, but differently. It took her all these years to realize that, and all these kinds of years to understand she was obviously a piece of her mother, although she would not want to admit it. The lady finally begins to appreciate a few of her lifestyle, and some of her mom’s desire for her to do superb things. This character is definitely round, although sad, because in attaining her freedom, she has lost a lot. This lady has lost to be able to be close with her mother, and she has shed many other experiences, too. Since she was so identified to be regular, she will by no means know what the lady could have accomplished if the lady had forced herself to get great, that is certainly probably the biggest loss of all in her lifestyle.


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