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Amadis mum Guerrero was born in Ermita, Manila in 1941, hegraduated from the Ateneo de manila in 1965 coming from theUniversity of Santo Tomas in 1959. His short tale “Children from the City” is a departure via his typical style. This won the PalancaAwards in 1971.

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This story occurred in the late 1980’s. Everything occurredin the darker perilous occupied streets of Manila. Boulevard. streets of avenida Portrayal


He is boys from Intramuros. At the age of eight, he loses hisfather and his mother abandons him for a few other man.

He ishired as a newsboy by his uncle and starts his life around the streets. Faithful and young, he ponders on the menace and addictions of hiscolleagues and the people all around him. -Victor’s Dad

A good-natured man and a loving father to Victor, having been apart of a worker’s strike. The man adored his child dearly and hisdeath brought a huge hit to Victor. -Victor’s Mom

She adored Victor’s father but hardly ever cared sensed any devotion forher child.

The girl took her husband’s fatality grievously. Yet later on, the lady ignores Victor, becomes a prostitute, then leaves Victor to hisUncle to go away with her new lover. -Tio Pedring

Victor’s granddad, he used victor following your leaving of hissister. He forces victor to become a paper boy. -Nacio

He’s a paper boy. He was victor’s new friend. Thoughfull of inappropriate vices, Victor took his death as another major reduction.


The father in the boy Victor got involved in a affect. He actsas though it absolutely was nothing and takes Victor to nighttime walks aroundManila. He requires Victor’s head off addictions and promises Victor abright future sooner or later. One day, during the strike. Victor’s father was shot dead inthe cardiovascular. His better half mourned significantly and his kid was subdued.

Thewife began to disappear overdue at night and come home early dawn. Your woman refuses to look after Victor. And after that, she comes homewith some goon, telling that the goon will be Victor’s new daddy. Victor did not like the new person at all. As often as possible, this individual triesto steer clear of his mom and her lover’s approach. And then, Victor just awoke with his mother and the mangone. His Uncle Pedring introduces to take care of him. Herecruits Victor to a paper job. The man does not handle Victorwell unless he provides home funds. During his job, Victor meets Nacio.

Nacio was also anewspaper boy. He taught Victor various methods in newspaperselling. They become good friends. Victor’s work grew productive. Soon, his “Boss” begins to trusthim which has a ration of 20 paperwork a day. He becomes satisfied withhis lifestyle until-Nacio was run over an automobile. He was useless. Victor grieved for hisfriend just like the way he performed with his daddy. He gets beaten upwith the various other kids. His colleagues conquer him up whenever he refuses to smoke cigars orsay bane words… Victor was defiant at first. Yet after long, tiredof being tossed around just like a stray dog-Victor finally gave up.

Moral lesson

The story concluded when the publisher realized just how cruel theworld is…”… And Victor, swirled the life with the city: this city, purged withtriumphant charity campaigns, in which workers were created to signstatements certifying they received bare minimum wage, wheremillionaire politicians received Holy Accord every Weekend, where moms taught their very own sons and daughters the art of begging, in which orphans and children via broken homes slept onpavements and below darkened connections, and wherever best friendsfell out and betrayed each other. “

Our planet is imply indeed… persons become the approach theyare, not because of fate, but showing how the people about themrevolve. Children of politicians study for universities and tend toget spoiled. While, orphans happen to be shunned down and areleft to fill up the pavements and spider under the powerful’s shoes. The storyplot shows all of us the way lifestyle turns and exactly how what webecome rests upon our disobedient and decisions. This has been ahackneyed phrase through the decades however it portrays a few kindof truth.

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