Choices, consequences and Conflict Resolution Essay

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My spouse and i. Reading: ring the word that best completes the content. (10 points each) /20 Read the passage and select the answer based on that which we learn about resolve conflicts. Maria is having a turmoil with her coworker Brenda. Brenda can be coming past due to work and Karen ends up performing her function and Brenda’s work.

Maria does not know very well what to do but she worries that in the event that Bread will keep coming later they will both shed their jobs, because the function is to not get done on time. What ought to Brenda carry out? a. Don’t say anything to Bread and keep doing work faster b. Pull Brenda to the side and explain how a situation affects both of them c. Quit her job prior to she gets fired. m. Talk to her supervisor and inquire her to fireplace Brenda 2. Vocabulary: meet the word using its definition. (10 points each) /60 Decision, consequences, issue, resolution, mediate, professionalism An act of selecting or making a decision once faced with several possibilities. | A difference between several people. | Intervene in a dispute to create about a or reconciliation| To reach a contract.

To find a solution. To end a conflict. | The proficiency or skill expected of any professional. | Something that logically or normally follows via an action or perhaps condition| | | III. Writing: In the past month we learned about the 10 Rules of Good Making Practices (GMP). Please compose one to two sentences about the outcomes of not following the twelve Rules. (20 points) /20

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