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Christianity, Existence Of God, Faith based, Abnormal Psychology

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Christianity and the opinions of Sigmund Freud and William Adam

This conventional paper discusses the concept of a Founder in Christianity and also focuses on the views held simply by Sigmund Freud and Bill James on this subject. While Christianity believes firmly in the existence of Creator, Freud maintains this concept features originated from male’s deep-rooted neurosis. James however felt that religious beliefs had some biological and psychological connections and therefore it is crucial for gentleman to formulate his very own concept of a Creator rather than believing for the one that he has passed down from his ancestors.


Most beliefs in the world support the concept of a Universal Inventor, the one being who has on their own created the entire Universe which is considered to be a benevolent merciful soul. Whilst in some polytheist religions, the idea of Creator could differ slightly, however in all three major religions worldwide, the Founder is 1 powerful being who has no partners and neither truly does he require any adjoint to assist him in his several tasks. Whilst Christianity does have the concept of trinity, which may, to a few people, is very much in conflict with all the concept of a monotheistic concept of Creator but it is important to know Christianity doesn’t view Our god as multiple soul nevertheless feels that Jesus is one of His manifestations. Idea is unique to Christianity because only fans of this religion consider Jesus to a manifestation of God. But Originator non-etheless remains to be that one Common soul that was presently there when person had not came into the world, and that shall remain intact actually after the community would arrive to end. The Creator is definitely thus an important being that we all look up to intended for comfort and support believing that only He can support us away of our miseries and heartaches and only He can relieve us of our pains.

Creator hence occupies an important place in our lives and most of us do need Him from time to time if we admit it openly or perhaps not. But it is important to comprehend that not everybody believes in the idea of a Creator, there are some whom believe on the scientific progression of the world and therefore maintain that world came into being without any significant intervention by any spirit. This idea may appear to be too obscure and morally-incorrect to some of us but we need to mention here that very well-known people did not trust in the existence of The almighty, rather they will maintained that Creator was just an anecdotal concept that man acquired derived from his desire to have a protective protect around him.

Sigmund Freud was one such man who have totally dismissed religious beliefs because in the research on psychology, this individual did not find any facts to support the presence of Creator. Therefore in his view Creator was nothing more than a manifestation of man’s childhood neurosis. He felt that since while children, most of us need to have confidence in the concept of loving caring soul, that is why all of us start thinking in Inventor but as all of us grow older, the roots on this idea weaken and some individuals start doubting religious philosophy.

In his publication, “The Foreseeable future

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