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Pizzas USA is known as a chain of pizza eating places that currently offers sit-down and take-out service. Various customers have said that they will buy more pizzas from Pizza UNITED STATES if it presented a delivery service. This exercise is in two parts. In Part I, you perform the customer. Simply II, you play the manager at Pizza UNITED STATES who is responsible for developing the pizza delivery process style requirements.


In the first place, you have to believe like a customer.

This should become easy because you probably include experience with purchasing pizza to become delivered. Put that experience to work! Make a list of the advantages of pizza delivery that are important to you AS A CUSTOMER! As we said, this will be easy. Right? Or perhaps is it? In devising the list, consider the following: What must a pizza delivery service complete so that you happen to be reasonably pleased? Beyond your getting reasonably happy, what could a pizza delivery service do that would make promoted unique and create a gear advantage? In other words, what could a pizza delivery service do this might cause one to ALWAYS buy from one particular service (and, perhaps, to pay more for the privilege)?

Assume that this pizza cafe can make whatsoever kind of french fries (and part items) that you would like.


Now, put on your “Pizza USA manager’s loath. ” With this part of the exercise, you will NOT be teamed with some additional students. Initially, using the data of all of the team members, build a master list. Next, try to group the things on your list under a series of major titles; for example , “condition of the delivered pizza” or “quick, on-time delivery” or perhaps “order precision, ” and so on. Finally, do a list of the “pizza delivery process design requirements” that the pizza delivery process will have to meet. As you do this, consider measurable specifications; in other words, what would you measure in order to ensure that your process is definitely operating effectively and successfully? Why do you consider that these actions will be beneficial? Here’s a good example of how a part of this analysis could go. One consumer requirement can be that the french fries should be sizzling when it is provided. The fact is that as soon because the lasagna comes out from the oven, it starts to amazing. So , how may you keep the pizza from dropping below a few minimum temp before you hand this to your consumer? • Make certain that in question 3, you discover quantitative measurements. (See the other paragraph of Part 2. )


1 Want of pizza delivery characteristics that are crucial to you being a customer. a couple of Categorize your list of items under a number of major headings. 3 Do a list of french fries delivery process design requirements. Associate with each necessity a measure that would make sure that the process fulfills the requirement.

CASE: Pizza USA – The in Converting Customer Requirements Into Process Design Requirements 1 . Have a list of french fries delivery characteristics that are important to you as a customer. Speedy order taking: is important that whenever calling the restaurant to position the order, they answer and take those order punctually. Pizza arrives on time: customers want their particular delivered immediately. Pizza is usually hot: is important for the pizza to become kept warm as it arrives.

2 . Combine your list with the lists of a few different class members and rank the items within series of key headings.

Good customer service

Good food quality

Fast delivery support

3. Want of pizzas delivery method design requirements. Associate with each need a assess that would make certain that the process fulfills the requirements. Client call (take order)

Failure: Incorrect order

Poka-yoke: Double-check order with customer just before proceeding Place order and process payment

Inability: system failure/cannot process repayment

Poka-yoke: provide funds payment alternative

Put together pizza

Failure: wait during preparation

Poka-yoke: notify client and provide a discount/ extra product (i. e. free dessert) Deliver pizza

Failure: wait during delivery

Poka-yoke: provide discount coupon

four. Design a process that satisfies your requirements. Explain it by using a flowchart just like those demonstrated in Displays 7. 4, 7. 5, and several. 6. Stage:

  • one particular: preliminary actions Stage
  • 2: Customer ServiceStage
  • 3: Work performance


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