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For Product 7 with the AP Individual Geography program I decided to work with the article, “Salvation Army’s 1st Grocery Store Will help Baltimore’s Deprived, ” simply by Deborah Block. The article discusses how a charity called Solution Army lately opened up a grocery store in a poor element of Baltimore. There were very few grocery stores in the place because various stores shut down from the crime in the place and other elements like poverty. The Solution Army chose to help out they who didn’t have access to clean produce or meats because they build a supermarket called DMG Foods. The grocery store offers lower than normal prices which allows customers to buy more than they will could for a chain food market such as Large Eagle. The store also gives benefits to the customers including every month the shoppers can pick 1 free item whether it is vegetables, light bulbs, or whatever else the store provides. All the profit the store makes is given to a local plan called Catherine’s Cottage.

This article connections in with Unit 5 because there was a not enough food shops in Baltimore, which is an urban region, but luckily the Solution Army helped out. I am aware that this subject is in the device seeing that one of the Essential Knowledge statements intended for Enduring Understandings E states, “Economic and social complications associated with the expansion and decline of metropolitan communities include housing and insurance discrimination, housing affordability, access to foodstuff stores and public services¦”. This would make these related because there was obviously a social injury in a poor element of Baltimore that included a lack of fresh and healthy food installed from deficiencies in food shops. The people in that part of Baltimore had poor diets including fast food including McDonalds the social trouble and is extremely unhealthy to them and can cause health problems.

I locate this article interesting because I believe it is great that there are non profit organizations such as this supporting people. That stuff seriously if you ever have the chance to aid someone you must and that is just what the Salvation Army would. I think it really is wonderful the particular peoples’ lives are better than we were holding before. They now have access to new produce and meats which I believe is usually something everybody should have use of. This is the many positive article I have ever before read and i also believe more people and charities should do what the Solution Army does by reducing their time for you to help others. I chose this article because lI love the notion of helping other folks and I still find it always the ideal thing to do so I wanted to read about what the Solution Army was doing. One more I chose it absolutely was because I had heard of the Salvation Military and understood they are a charity, nevertheless I failed to know what they did so I read this article to understand about what kind of projects that they worked on. We also can’t say for sure much by what areas where deprived people live and this article taught me a bit about those areas which I identified interesting. Therefore , I applied the article, “Salvation Army’s 1st Grocery Store Will help Baltimore’s Disadvantaged, ” intended for Unit several.

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