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Callaghan, points out that physical exercise has been employed for many years in order to avoid disease, enhance good health and a sense of well-being. Callaghan asserts in the content that current evidence shows “empirical” data that mental health and health and wellness are enhanced through the use of regular exercise. The author uses an intensive literature search – meta-analyses in peer-reviewed publications just like the British Medical Journal and Clinical Proof – to verify the assertion that exercise helps mental health insurance and psychological performing.

Callaghan’s exploration uncovered a report – that utilized qualitative research methods – showing that a 10-week exercise program directed at people with schizophrenia actually “reduced participants’ belief of oral hallucinations, ” heightened all their sense of self-esteem and helped their very own sleep habits (Callaghan, 2005, 480). On page 481 Callaghan admits that “on the whole” mental health professionals avoid the use of exercise being a “therapeutic tool”; however , psychiatrist Kate Hays has been employing exercise with her clients for more than quarter of a century, and firmly recommends that practitioners make use of regular exercise on patients with mental health conditions. Several other examples are offered to show that when mental health patients are involved in routine workouts, they advantage. In the UK, people living with mental illness workout in the Community Gym in Barrow-in-Furness; a client that was experiencing low self-esteem (during childhood this person experienced physical and emotional abuse) engaged in a running system at the Gym and “improved her competence and sense of control” (Callaghan, 481).


I entirely accept the findings of Callaghan because I have had experience working together with people affected by depression within a nursing house environment; when ever these patients take brisk walks frequently they are more comfortable and they get along better with their peers. I was an “orderly” in a nursing jobs home and had no authority – neither did I possess any special training – but We took some cases (some got endured shock treatments) on walks when the weather was nice; and their attitudes were noticeably better after the physical exercise. Even though the content is 14 years old, the study that Callaghan conducted demonstrates that exercise has become used in numerous instances for quite some time. This article is not a revelation because, as mentioned, exercise has been employed as a great intervention in mental well being cases for quite some time. Research printed by the Clinical Psychology Research and Practice journal on a large analyze in Finland

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