Compare and Contrast: Byzantine Empire and the Aztecs Essay

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The early cultures of the subtil and Aztec empires flower to electricity using a selection of tactics. We were holding both very successful and intensely powerful up to and including certain level. The subtil and Aztec empires equally used army strategies and advancements in war. Though while the Byzantine Empire applied Christianity to unify its people, the Aztecs made people dread them through the use of human eschew.

Also the byzantine was obviously a bureaucracy with an chief who was thought of to be picked by the gods to secret over the people, however , the Aztecs a new ruler who had been seen as an actual god. The Byzantine and Aztec empires had very secure military tactics which led to expansion and advancement. The Byzantine overcome almost all of the terrain around that and had many skilled warriors.

This is much like the Aztecs who had skilled warriors and even though that they didn’t automatically conquer the land, they took control over the people and made them pay tribute. The Aztecs captured people pertaining to human sacrifices many times which was a great adapted technique they employed, while the Byzantine used the technique of the Greek fire which has been an invention for a flamethrower. Inside the Byzantine Disposition there was a main religion and in the Aztec empire hey were very reliant in human sacrifice to scare people in joining the civilization.

The Byzantine empire used the newly identified religion of Christianity to unify its population and make them a complete. The Aztecs however , supported multiple gods and used human surrender to make other folks fear and respect them. This tactic was also used to get them to become a member of and frightened them in to paying homage to the Aztecs or the Aztec gods. There were an chief in the Subtil Empire who much affect because people believed he had been chosen simply by god; this is similar although not exactly the same as the Aztecs who had a leader that was thought of as a proper deity, or god.

Since the Byzantine leader was considered to be chosen by god, he previously power and control over his own world and also those that he tried to conquer. The Aztec head had work power above his people and since everybody viewed him as a goodness it would be incorrect to escape him. For this reason, he had affect and electricity over other places, as well as his own.

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