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Comparison of Assumptive Orientation The 2 theories i am choosing to compare in the situation given, is Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory and William Glasser’s reality theory.

William Glasser, M. Deb., is the developer of Truth Therapy and Choice Therapy. Glasser created a cause and effect theory that points out human patterns. He focuses on personal decision, personal responsibility and personal alteration. William Glasser has an approach on his theory that is incredibly non-traditional. He does not assume that somebody can have a mental health issues unless there are some things organically incorrect with the head.

He likewise believes that if someone is considered to possess a mental disease it needs to get confirmed by a pathologist. William Glasser also believes that genetically we are social animals and require each other. Which may very well be the reason for almost all emotional symptoms which can be our lack of ability to get along with the important and meaningful persons in our lives. Sigmund Freud developed a theory to describe psychoanalytic and psychotherapist and much of his work originates from self-analysis.

Sigmund Freud’s work suggests that early experiences in one’s your life can shape and develop the way we all behave as adults. Freud recognized five periods within the 1st five numerous years of life and he believes that our behavior patterns incorporate three key elements the ID-this is definitely the basic norms of behavior present when they are born, also known as the pleasure basic principle. The Ego-realistic acts within the mind and reality, this is also considered the fence primary. The Super-Ego-this is the perception of mindful, our work and responsibility, this is also referred to as moral rule.

Freud thought that when conflicts arose between these 3 parts it had been those experience from birth and early on childhood that had one of the most impact on us as we started to be adults. Despite the fact that Freud hardly ever studied children and it’s fair to state some people possess doubt regarding his theories, Freud produced his theories based on clinical experience with his patients and so they were usually all ladies. Knowing that Freud’s work was based on an assumption that personality is definitely shaped and behavior is determined by highly effective inner causes can make it easy for one to misunderstand or misinterpret Freud’s theory.

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