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Heritage Assessment, Health Evaluation, Developmental Level, Hypertension

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Excerpt from Composition:

Developmental and Social Comprehensive Health-related Analysis

The Garcia’s can be a Cuban American family who’ve been making standard visits pertaining to healthcare. The family of 4 presents based on a persistent conditions that require that they see a doctor frequently. Breastfeeding care for the family should be consistent with equally their stage-of-life needs and respect their very own culture concurrently. this daily news is a perspective of the ethnic and developing aspects of each member of the family that must be regarded by the health professional during each visit.

Gerardo Garcia

Gerardo is a 25-year-old male who is second initial generation born in the United States. His presenting concern have been strep and tonsillitis. Gerardo in addition has informed the nurse that he is gay and lesbian and that it has caused a rift among himself fantastic father.

Like a 25-year he is trying to work through intimacy versus isolation. Which means that he is understanding how to establish associations, but there is a danger of isolation if he is not really successful (Springhouse Corporation, 1990). From the info that the nurse has, Gerardo has just ended a long lasting, monogamous romantic relationship and he is going to homosexual bars to find dates. This kind of probably ensures that he wants to have one other long-term relationship and he can trying to find that.

One concern that he could be having is the fact his daddy is having difficulty accepting the truth that he is gay. This matter brings lifestyle and developmental stage jointly for Gerardo and it is important that the health professional realize this kind of. Family is incredibly important in Cuban American culture (Franco Wilson, 2008), and his relationship with his dad is a very essential requirement of his development. Since his romantic relationship is bothered, this could impact him bodily and should be a consideration.

Mercedes Garcia

This is actually the grandmother of the group. Mercedes is a 70-year-old female who is a native of Cuba. She’s somewhat bilingual, but mainly because English can be her secondary language, she is much more comfortable communicating in Spanish.

The developmental stage for this age group is a deal with between integrity and give up hope. Older adults are trying to preserve their pride while realizing that they are approaching the end of their lives plus the physical problems that this comprises. The integrity side of this stage takes place when the individual knows the issues that include aging, although is able to maintain their dignity. A person who advances unsuccessfully through this stage will hopelessness about the prospects of death, physical ills and loss (Springhouse Corporation, 1990). The registered nurse needs to understand that the individual could be worried about any issue which in turn occurs and present problems in a caring, confidential method.

This level is challenging by the fact that Mercedes would not speak British very well and also other cultural worries. The text (Franco Wilson, 2008) relates that older Cuban Americans probably either rule out personal information of just not solution personal concerns. For this reason also because Mercedes would not speak English well, it could be advisable pertaining to the registered nurse to have Mercedes’ daughter-in-law, Lourdes, as both a supply and an interpreter (Franco Wilson, 2008). This will allow the nurse to assemble the correct data and relay correct info.

Antonio Garcia

Antonio is the patriarch from the family, an excellent businessman, and he is at the moment

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