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The main topic of sex is a very controversial subject especially between teenagers. Teens are at a place in their lives where bodily hormones are at a top and they feel the need to take pleasure in sexual activities. Therefore it is important that teenagers be familiar with importance of safe sex and the consequences of unprotected love-making.

There are many elements affecting Jamaican high school students as they increasingly take part in unprotected intimate moments and as such condoms should be distributed as they assist to reduce these factors; largely the excessive teen pregnancy rate, the high STD/STI rate as well as the ineffectiveness of abstinence.

The first main factor faced by students is adolescent pregnancy. Relating to (Guttmacher Institute, 2010), teenagers (aged 15″19) who also do not make use of a contraceptive during sex are twice as likely to turn into teen moms; this has become the newest trend among teenage girls.

It has already been noticed among health government bodies that there is a substantial rise in young pregnancies, relating to (Watson, 2011) through the Jamaican Gleaner; adolescent motherhood continues to be a significant public-health obstacle in Discovery bay, jamaica, approximately 18 per cent of youngsters born in Jamaica will be attributed to teenagers girls and as such condoms must be distributed in schools as being a counter assess.

Watson also explained that more than 60 of every 100 pregnancy (66. two percent) between adolescent women in the age bracket 15-19 years were unexpected in 2008.

As a result of these findings it might clearly be observed that there is a purpose for condoms to be sent out in colleges to help reduce/ control the teenage pregnancy rate. The second major factor is sexually transmitted disorders commonly known as STD’s. According to (Hirsch, M, MD, 2010) STD’s have grown to be increasingly common among teens. It is well-known that latex condoms would be the only sort of birth control that reduces the risk of contracting a STD, and must be used each and every time.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this year supports this kind of by saying that the appropriate and constant use of male latex condoms can reduce the risk of STD transmission, including HIV contamination. As a result of this kind of, condoms needs to be made readily accessible to pupils. A study made by (Horn & Keough, 2012) reported that12 million instances of sexually transmitted illnesses occur annually, 3 mil (or 25 percent) happen to be among teens about 13 percent of youth age range 13 to 19 deal a AN STD each year; this is a very high percentage of young adults, if condoms were to be given away there would be a significant decrease.

One more major component is the increasing ineffectiveness of abstinence courses. Students possess begun to neglect this kind of message as they explore their sexuality. Relating to (Toledo, 2011) colleges using abstinence-only sex education programs possess significantly larger teenage pregnancy and beginning rates than schools with an increase of comprehensive love-making education programs. Supporting this really is (Douglas, 2008) who declares studies show that a majority of abstinence courses did not delay initiation of sex and later 3 of 9 had any significant positive effects in any lovemaking behaviour.

Whenever we cannot encourage students to abstain from intimate activities, we have to promote secure sex in schools simply by distributing condoms. An article written by (Stepp, 2007) supports this by proclaiming that a study authorized by Congress in the usa of America in 1997 following 2150 children by elementary or perhaps middle college to high school graduation concluded that abstinence-only sex education does not keep teenagers via having sex. Some may argue that condoms should not be distributed in high colleges because they promote lovemaking activities and in addition due to the fact that educational institutions are institutions of education.

According to (Cullinan, 2004), there will be a problem if professors distribute condoms, as they will probably be seen being promoting sexual acts. Cullinan futher states that education is about providing info; we can provide the information about condoms and where you get them, nonetheless they should not be given away in colleges. However , In my opinion that offering information is definitely not enough, it is best that condoms are easily open to students.

Condoms do not encourage sexual activity, they just offer protection; (Quigle, 2003) says that condom availability had not been associated with increased sexual activity among adolescents unfortunately he associated with better condom make use of among those who were currently sexually lively. Supporting this can be (Fisher, 2011) who says that paediatric studies show the of condoms does not boost sexual activity but can reduce unintended pregnant state, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.

To summarize, I believe that distributing condoms in senior high school is a great very first step as there are various factors impacting Jamaican high school students as they significantly participate inunprotected sexual acts therefore condoms must be distributed because they help to decrease these factors; mainly the high young pregnancy price, the substantial STD/STI price and also the ineffectiveness of celibacy.

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