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Lon L. Richer, former Carter Professor of Jurisprudence in Harvard Legislation School, observed in The Morality of Legislation, “Even if a guy is accountable only to his conscience, he will answer even more responsibly in the event he is forced to state principles which he functions. ” To my opinion this means that you have to answer to yourself and that you evaluate yourself on your own thinking and possible actions. You have to weigh the outcomes and have yourself everything you can you experience doing? It’s what your meaningful thinking is and how it truly is applied. Circumstance 1 – Drugs by a Friend’s House There is a moral problem for this scenario.

I are an away duty officer and see several other persons at a friend’s party using the leisure drug, crack. The friend of mine is exterior with other folks and I don’t know in the event she sees that illegal activities are being done in her home. I might ask me, do I call up my boss and get them to aware despite the fact that I’m away duty?

Or perhaps do I ask my friend if she knows anything about the activities being done in her home and if your woman does, should i call it in and make arrests for what I seen and learned or let it slide having a warning because she’s a buddy? My norms of behavior are to get question my good friend. I would continue to call it in, but according to whether or not she knows about the activities, would mean merely would make an arrest on her with the other folks or not really.

Cocaine is an illegitimate drug and i also have seen what can perform to people. I would lose an associate over it, but arresting all of them would not just get the medicines off the street, but it may also possibly support those being caught making use of the substance. There are rehabilitation programs out there to help them. If I made a decision to let it slip, it could be a slippery slope and cause me allowing it to slide more frequently and allowing criminals and possible addicts go. It would play on my conscience to find out someone truly partaking in such activities and me not really try to make them recover.

Certainly, I might feel bad for losing a friend, yet I’d rather not drop my work and put my own children vulnerable to being desolate. I think it will be for the greater good to call it in versus letting it go. Scenario 2 – Accepting a present There is a meaningful problem in this case. I i am a community police officer and the working day before Holiday, an owner of a small marker which was sociable toward me calls me behind the countertop and hands me a fresh fruit basket for my family, and a Xmas card with $30 gift idea certificate. The moral issue is whether or not I accept the gifts.

If perhaps policy allowed gratuity intended for officers, I would accept the kind gesture since professional acumen. After all, the master has took part in consistently in community crime-prevention meetings. If perhaps policy didn’t allow it, I would need to decline and explain it’s against plan to do so and thank him for his gesture.

My spouse and i strive daily to do the right thing. In the event that it’s against policy to take a gift provided as admiration for my friendship and service while an police officer, then regretfully, I would have to decline. If I didn’t, that could lead to a slippery slope. You never know what a person really does behind closed doors.

He could be the prominent community member he portrays or maybe he is hosting illegitimate activities. Scenario 3 – Homosexual Partner You certainly are a supervisor on the medium-size law enforcement department. Workplace Ted Roberts is an excellent police officer and has become on the pressure for of sixteen years. He can also a lgbt and hangs out for a known gay pub in his off time.

You could have two person patrols and Jones was recently teamed with Police officer James Davis. Officer Davis comes to you and asks being assigned to another partner mainly because Jones can be described as homosexual. Is there a moral difficulty presented inside the scenario? In the event that so , the gender chart? I don’t believe there exists a moral difficulty for me personally regarding this situation.

I’m a supervisor of a law enforcement department. A great officer techniques me to inquire to be given to another partner because the current partner is homosexual. Individually, I don’t care about a person’s libido. The lgbt office, Expert Jones, is an excellent officer and has been here for 16 years. I would inquire the official requesting reassignment with a diverse partner, Official Davis, whether or not Officer Smith harassed him, and if he didn’t, I might tell him handle it.

In the event that he performed, I’d pull in Officer Roberts for disciplinary action. Presently there isn’t an insurance policy that prevents a lgbt person by having a partner. It’s discriminatory.

Officer Davis may hate me next, but until Officer Williams harasses him or assaults him, it’s out of my hands. Consciously, I’d be ok letting Williams and Davis stay companions.

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