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JONES ADELANTE CORTEZ is the last among the five children of Mr. and Mrs. Esteban Cortez and Ludivina Cortez. Born on August 05, 1992, he finished his elementary education at Jaen Central University in 2005, her second education for San Jose High School (SJHS) in 2009.

He pursued his college education at the Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College-College of Teacher Education, Southern Cluster Grounds, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur last 2013 with all the degree Bachelor of Extra Education main in English. Last September 29, 2013, he exceeded the Licensure Examination pertaining to Teachers. He was hired as a classroom instructor in Summer 2013 by Sta.

Veronica College, Incorporation., Bacnotan, La Union and transferred in CICOSAT UNIVERSITIES, Lingsat, Associated with San Fernando, La Union wherein he’s presently teaching. At CICOSAT COLLEGES, he was assigned while the school conventional paper adviser. He attended several seminars in English and division and regional press conference and workshop in campus journalism.

Aside from instructing his field of specialization, he as well experienced educating Filipino, Araling Panlipunan, Beliefs education and Computer Education. To Doctor Helen C. Abella, the OIC Graduate student Dean of ISPSC To the south Cluster, Graduate School. To Dr . Ederlina M. Sumail, the OIC Campus Overseer of Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State University.

To Sir Ernest Deb. Padiwan, my personal instructor in Methods of Research for his moral and intellectual tips and support. My particular thanks. -R.

A Cortez DEDICATION This work of mind and heart is usually dedicated. 1 . A module in English language Language (Writing Skills) was made or perhaps developed. Around the bases with the above findings the following results were drawn: 1 . The module in English language, particularly on paper is needed to help the users improve and improve their writing skills.

2 . The proposed module in The english language language on the area of writing was much acceptable and ready for work with by the next year students of CICOSAT COLLEGES-Basic Education and; three or more. The proposed module was made to supplement the demands of the quality seven students of CICOSAT COLLEGES-Basic Education, Lingsat, City of San Fernando, La Union and; So that the suggested module in English Language (writing) the grade eight high school students of CICOSAT COLLEGES-Basic Education, Lingsat, City of San Fernando, La Union to be fully functional or serve the intended purpose, the following are suggested/recommended: 1 . There ought to be continuous, frequent or frequent use of the module in all of the English classes where relevant, to maintain the amount of assistance to students.

2 . Comparable studies must be conducted regularly to check on the status from the effect of the module towards the students. several. Infusion of contemporary related topics/new evolving topics into the component; and 5. Construction of similar quests in British Language (writing) should also encourage enhancing absolutely the composing skills in the students.

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